2010 LCMS Convention Resolution 8-12

This resolution to me seems innocuous, and I’m surprised by some discussion over on the Wittenberg Trail talking about the power this gives the BOD. To me, this is something that is necessary given the amount of changes to the Bylaws that are being recommended. If all pass, the bylaws are probably fine. If some of the items pass, someone will have to go in detail through the bylaws and clean portions up. Bylaw 7.1.2 already exists, but needs action by the convention to enact.

7.1.2 In exceptional circumstances and upon the express direction of a convention of the Synod, amendments may be made by a two-thirds majority of the Board of Directors.
(a) Such amendments to the Bylaws shall be necessary to implement resolutions adopted by a convention of the Synod.
(b) Such amendments shall be drafted by the Secretary of the Synod and shall be reviewed by the Commission on Constitutional Matters.

I’m hearing that some of the fear is this basically gives the BOD authority to change the bylaws; perhaps we need to amend this to require informing the LCMS before approving the bylaws? Has this been done in the past? Is this something that is normal, or is it unusual this year?

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Congregations Walking Together in Mission
To Direct the Board of Directors to Amend the Bylaws as Necessary

TF Report (CW TFR)

WHEREAS, Despite the careful work of the floor committees of the convention, the complex work of making major interrelated changes to the Bylaws can result in unintended gaps or ambiguities; and

WHEREAS, Bylaw 7.1.2 provides a mechanism for resolving such issues; therefore be it

Resolved, That the Synod in convention authorize and direct the Board of Directors, pursuant to the procedure provided in Bylaw 7.1.2, to amend such other bylaws as may be necessary to implement the spirit of the resolutions involved in the restructuring of the Synod as adopted by the 2010 convention, to be prepared by the Secretary of the Synod and reviewed by the Commission on Constitutional Matters.

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