2010 LCMS Convention Resolution 7-02

This is another in our series of resolutions to the 2010 Synod Convention, posted here to allow for discussion. If you have a comment on a specific resolution, see our Resolutions page. If the one you want to discuss is not yet posted, please contact us and we will add the resolution to start discussion.

To Affirm Ecclesiastical Supervision
RESOLUTION 7-02 (starting at line 28)

Overtures 7-12–16 (CW, pp. 214–217)
Report to the Convention—Floor Committee 7
(as required by Bylaw [c])

The following documents will be referenced in the following report, which satisfies the requirement of Bylaw (c) regarding overtures considered by the floor committee that “seek to overrule” opinions of the Commission on Constitutional Matters (CCM):

CCM Opinions 02-2296; 02-2309; 02-2320; 03-2338; 03-2338A; 03-2338C
Board of Directors Response to CCM Opinions
2004 Res. 7-02A
2007 Res. 8-10
CCM Opinion 09-2570
Commission on Theology and Church Relations Response to 2007 Res. 8-10
2010 Report of the President, Part II


Overtures 7-12 through 7-16 request that the convention overrule CCM Opinion 02-2309 and other related opinions dealing with ecclesiastical supervision and expulsion of a member who, when performing his or her official duties, follows the advice and counsel of the ecclesiastical supervisor designated by the Synod. Pursuant to Bylaw (c), the floor committee has considered these overtures and provides this report with recommendations for appropriate action.

((( There is a lot of history that I have not duplicated here; read it in Today’s Business )))


Resolution 7-02

WHEREAS, The convention has received the report of Floor Committee 7 (Bylaw [c]) related to challenges to CCM Opinion 02-2309 and related opinions; and

WHEREAS, CCM Opinion 02-2309 and other related opinions, as well as the report of the CTCR (2007 Res. 8-10), explain the covenants of membership and the process of ecclesiastical supervision in the Synod’s Constitution and Bylaws; and

WHEREAS, The convention honors the genuine concern expressed by individuals, congregations, circuits and districts of the Synod regarding the CCM opinions in question and desires to resolve this matter in a responsible and God-pleasing fashion; therefore be it

Resolved, That the Synod affirm its commitment to provide to each of its members at all times appropriate ecclesiastical supervision and counsel in accordance with Holy Scripture and the Constitution and Bylaws of the Synod; and be it further

Resolved, That the Synod affirm its responsibility to supervise and hold accountable the ecclesiastical supervisors which it puts in place by exercising ecclesiastical discipline where necessary, for the protection of the members of the Synod and also for the protection of the Synod itself; and be it finally

Resolved, That the Synod affirm that CCM Opinion 02-2309 and related opinions should not have been and shall never be misunderstood to grant immunity to any member of the Synod, or to allow such member to act with impunity, or to give permission to act contrary to the Holy Scriptures, the Lutheran Confessions, the Constitution, or the Bylaws of our beloved Synod.

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