Dr. Nagel on Issues Etc. this Afternoon! by Pr. Rossow

Issues Etc. is airing an interview with Dr. Norman Nagel that took place earlier this week in the care facility where he currently resides. Show host Todd Wilken and producer Jeff Scwharz took recording equipment to the nursing home to capture the interview.

Dr. Nagel is a beloved theological mentor for many pastors of the LCMS. He taught at Concordia Seminary – St. Louis in the 80’s, 90’s and even up until the last few years until he  suffered a stroke.

My most startling memory of Dr. Nagel occured when I and my classmates returned from vicarage in 1984. We were riding high on our Lutheran theological horses and figured we owned the spiritual world. That was soon to change. Many of us ended up taking a class on Luther Studies with a new professor – Dr. Norman Nagel. The class was so enlightening that many of us remarked after a few weeks that we were not sure we were even Lutheran up until this chance encounter with this most fascinating and brilliant Lutheran theologian. We all finished out our final year taking as  many classes as possible from our new mentor.

Dr. Nagel is not only the most influential theologian with which I have had the privelege to study,  but is also the kindest and most Christ-like gentleman I have ever known.

The interview will be aired in the second hour of the program this afternoon. We encourage you to listen.




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