Women’s Ordination Not a Dead Issue in the LCMS, by Pr. Rossow

The voices in support of women’s ordination in the LCMS have grown stronger and not weaker in the last few years as evidenced by the sprouting up of a new website at  www.thecreatorstapestry.com.

The good news is that so far the site is getting little if any response. The posted articles have few or no comments on them. (With all you clicking on the above link I am sure their numbers will sky-rocket for a day or two.) It looks like the site is only a couple of weeks old but according to reports on the site, the group that has put it together has been around for the last few years. More good news is that this group was hoping for more support for their cause to come out of the recent CTCR report than surfaced.

The CTCR’s report is titled “The Creator’s Tapestry” and  was sent out to all LCMS rostered workers a couple of weeks ago. It has gotten little attention amidst all of the buzz about the  presidentital nominations. On the surface the document toes the Biblical line but I was dissapointed in the overall motif chosen to convey the Biblical doctrine of God’s creation of  male and female. “The Tapestry” is a motif that comes from the toleration crowd. The gay and lesbian crowd likes to speak of “human-kind” as one big tapestry and one big tent under which all can live in harmony.

The booklet speaks of the order of creation but we are left wishing that the notion of order would have been the very principles of organiazation for it instead of the weaker theme  of  tapestry. The subtitle is also weak: “Scriptural Perspectives on Man-Woman Relations…” Since when have we adopted the post modern  approach of “perspectives” on revelaed truth? Christians do not have “perspectives” on doctrine. Instead, we study the Scriptures to discover the propositional truth therein.  Our grandfather’s spoke of “the order of creation” but now we are speaking of “tapestries” and “perspectives.”

I am not prepared yet to give a thorough review of the booklet but just thought you might want to know about this website that has popped up. This and the situation Mollie spoke of yesterday paint a picture of a church body that has lacked in Biblical oversight for the last several years.

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