The Brothers of John the Steadfast are pleased to announce the hiring of Suzanne Zobel from Clinton Township, Michigan to serve as the Associate Director of the organization. Suzanne will be working full time starting January 1 and focusing on  better service to our members and chapters, growing the organization and starting the new Sisters of Katie Luther organization.

Most importantly Suzanne will help us to get back to our original focus: raising up members/chapters committed to 1) promoting and teaching the Lutheran Confessions, 2) supporting the historic liturgy, 3) funding and developing new Lutheran media and 4) promoting the doctrine of vocation (e.g. men as heads of households and ladies as godly women).

Pastor Rossow will continue on in a volunteer capacity as the Executive Director while Suzanne serves as the Associate Director. Pastor Rossow will also continue as  editor of the BJS website. The website has become synonymous with BJS which is a blessing and a curse. It is a wonderful blessing because it is being viewed by so many as the go-to place for Lutheran news and commentary. It is a bit of a curse because it has distracted us from fulfilling some of our original goals. Bringing Suzanne on board will help us better fulfill our original goals. The website has a certain critical air about it on account of all the shananigans of doctrine and practice going on unchecked in the synod. We are happy to serve in that capacity. However, it is not the heart and soul of what we want to do. We want to be a positive tool for God to use to build up traditional, confessional Lutheransim and that is Suzanne’s passion and will now be her full-time work.

Suzanne is one of those wonderful servants of God who has a conservative mind and a liberal heart.  She is solidly conservative and confessional – very steadfast in her commitment to the purity of the Gospel and the administration of the sacraments according to Christ’s command. But she also has a very generous and loving heart. Christ’s gift to her of faith has made her a woman of trust that puts Christ and his kingdom first and personal needs a distant second.

Speaking of faith, this is a step of faith for BJS. We have had some generous large donations and pledges that have this position funded well into this first year but we will be counting on you to help us take this step of faith. We are convinced that over time you will see that this is a helpful step for promoting confessional Lutheranism and that your donations will be an investment in raising up godly Lutheran men and women for service in the church and the world. To make a donation simply click on the  fundraiser button on the website masthead.  There you can make a donation for BJS and/or a donation for Issues, Etc. Donations to BJS will help us fund this new position while donations to Issues, Etc. are kept in a separate fund and sent in whole to Issues.

We will share more with you about Suzanne, her credentials, and her work, and some new BJS projects in the works  in posts over the next few days. Please pray for the success of this new step of faith for BJS and as you are able, please help us fund this important work of promoting the Lutheran Confessions, supporting the historic liturgy, funding and developing new Lutheran media, and upholding the doctrine of vocation.

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