Palin Interviews Bring to Mind Concordia-Chicago’s Questionable Ties to Terrorist William Ayers, by Pr. Rossow

Sarah Palin has been making the rounds on the cable talk shows promoting her new book “Going Rogue.” The more astute interviewers have actually read her book and are using this as an opportunity delve into her policy acumen. In her book she writes about her puzzlement at the McCain campaign telling her to keep quiet about things like Obama’s connection to terror-bomber, now University of Chicago socialist education professor.

That brings to mind our series of stories a year ago about numerous Concordia professors signing a petition in support of Ayers. The petition was not just of a personal nature but actually espoused Ayers liberal, socialist, and humanist education theory. In an e-mail exchange with Concordia President Johnson, BJS was told that it was the professors’ academic freedom to do such.

This is a reminder of how far the LCMS has slipped  from its historic roots as a conservative Biblical  denomination that actually practiced church discipline. Under President Kieschnick there  is little or no  evidence of church discipline practiced.  

For those newer to the BJS site you may want to click on the “Critical Synodical News” sidebar to see more stories from the past year of a synod out of control. You will also be able to access the string of stories on Concordia and Bill Ayers. (We regret that the link to the actual petition has been broken. We neglected to “take a picture” of the petition site for posterity.)

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