Audio Version by Matt Harrison of Walther’s Misused Sermon from 1872

Yesterday I posted a critique of the Blue Ribbon Task Force’s misuse of Walther’s 1872 sermon on pure doctrine for the saving of souls. I was just alerted to the fact that Rev. Harrison has an audio version of this sermon that puts the BRTFSG’s quote into its proper context. When you hear the whole sermon (which you can also read in Harrison’s book) you realize that the BRTFSG is not properly reflecting Walther’s emphasis on pure doctrine. Here is the Rev. Harrison’s audio of this fine sermon. (Pastor Tim Rossow, Editor)

[podcast] Sermon on Pure Doctrine%20for%20the%20Salvation%20of%20Souls%201872.mp3[/podcast]

The above is the fourth clip found on the It Is Time website. Click there to listen to more selections from the book. For more information about the book, click here; to purchase it, click here.

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