TCN Troubles in the Congregation: A Godly Exchange Between Necessarily Rough Dan and a Struggling Parish Board Chairman, by Pr. Rossow

Yesterday a comment was posted here that sends chills up your spine making us realize how TCN is preying upon naive parishes. The chill was taken off however by a great response from another of our regular readers, Dan from Necessary Roughness.

Seeing a public exchange like the following is exactly why we made a decision early on here at BJS to try to become a go-to place for Lutheran news and commentary. It truly warms our hearts that we can be a part of the solution to the problem of a synod gone crazy with business, sociologocal and psychological principles while our God’s loving monergism and grace is pushed aside. Thanks Ron and Dan.

Here is the first comment:

Price of Peace in Douglasville Ga is in the information gathering part of the TCN process. The presentation to our congregation was similar to what I see used in business to eliminate opposition and to emotionally drive consent. After reading the required questions and list of needed documentation, I really knew something was wrong. I looked on-line at the first six churches with TCN prescriptions posted. Instead of a unique set of recommendations, each had the same concepts built in with the suspension of the constitution as central goal. I have sent an e-mail to our Pastor, Church Board and Board of Elders voicing my concerns about this program. I became Chairman of our board after the TCN resolution passed . Please pray for my church. Any advice you can give me in how to say “the truth in love” will be greatly appreciated.


Here is Dan’s response:

Praying for you, Ronald. I only know of one success where the laypeople and elders rose up and stopped TCN when the pastor was fiddling with it.

Find Scott Diekmann’s materials on his blog, Stand Firm, here, and other places. TCN takes advantage of poorly catechized laity and pastors preaching something other than killing Law and reviving Gospel to foment distrust in the Word and make the congregation worldly. Get informed, and speak to them in love, that you are concerned that these changes will distort the truth about how Christ works in our lives.

Praying for you.


Both comments can be found by clicking here.

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