Is Matt Harrison Ablaze? I Do Not Know but Here is a Testimony that He is Evangelistic, by Pr. Rossow

Is Matt Harrison Ablaze? I do not know. Based on the following personal testimony from a reader who attended his presentation in western Missouri yesterday, it is clear that he is in favor of spreading the Gospel.

(This comment is taken from Charlie Henrickson’s post yesterday that summarized Harrison’s commitment to concordia in our synod.)

by Rev. J. R. Wheeler

October 24th, 2009 at 12:50 | #2

Rev. Henrickson gives an excellent synopsis of the great presentations of Rev. Harrison.

“We have marvelous opportunities right now to work with confessional Lutheran churches all around the world, in works of mercy, in theological education, and in advancing the gospel of Christ.”

That sums up well what Rev. Harrison said and truly “It’s Time”. We have great work we get to do for the Kingdom. The opportunity is here. After all the gloom and doom, it is exciting to hear Rev. Harrison’s clarion call to action.

This Iowa-West old man was a foreigner among the natives but hearing Harrison and his insights was truly inspiring. We need to use our Seminaries to lead the work in the mission field. Harrison is providing a needed and wonderful blueprint to enhance our Great Commission hopes and endeavors. Need I say it? Harrison in 2010!

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