Clarity on the Lutheran CORE Group of the ELCA, by Michael Mapus

(Editor’s Note: on occasion we get a comment on one of the posts that deserves a wider reading. Michael Mapus tells the following instructive story on the post from Thursday about the CORE group in the ELCA. “Michael refers to Word Alone” which is one of the key groups in CORE.)

Eight years ago when I was a member in the ELCA, I was also involved with Word Alone. At that time I was under the delusion that this church body could be turned around with the help of “so called” bible-believing confessional groups like Word Alone. As I began to investigate these groups, particulary their statements on scripture, I found they were very weak. I then called and talked to an ELCA pastor. I asked him point blank “Do you believe the bible is the infallable inerrant Word of God?”. He hee hawed around my question. I then asked him “Is your view of scripture similar to the LCMS?”, he said no. That was a enough for me, shortly after my family and I joined the LCMS. Now looking back and analyzing these such groups, their authority is not the Word of God. They actually hold to some type of “selective/church/christian tradition” as their authority, which is why they have no problem with womens ordination or their fellowship practices. I laugh, but at the sam e time I cry, when they make statements like: “the ELCA has fallen into heresy”. Because they use the “proper language”, many (including myself at one time), believe these groups are bible believing / confessional christians. They are actually nothing but generic moderate liberal mainliners, who dress and talk like lutherans. I cannot help it, but my heart goes out to those sincere christians, who put their trust in groups like this thinking their doing somthing biblical. Actually the only biblical thing to do and what sould have been done 40 years ago, is what Saint Paul tells us in Romans 16:17. Thanks for letting me vent.

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