Our Readers are the Best – Some More Ablaze Re-Definitions

Yesterday we posted an article that offered some redefinitions of words from the Ablaze dictionary. We asked for contributions of more definitions from our readers and got this very clever entry.

#5 by hb — August 14, 2009 @ 5:32 pmEdit

“Ablaze! (R)” – “Torch your grandfather’s church!” – also an initiative to count good works – also an umbrella organization used to funnel money by closing down old inner city churches, selling the property, and using the funds to open coffee houses



The “lost” – Methodists, Baptists, and other nondenominational evangelicals who got lost on their way to church and end up in a Lutheran church which they now want to change to their liking


“Seekers” – baby boomers who are looking for their grown children in church, but they can’t find them, so they want a more hip 70’s style worship service to make themselves feel better and make their kids want to come back to church


“Executive” – well paid effective people who lead church leaders and who are willing to support any gimmick for the sake of attracting the lost and paying the bills.


“Mission” – a coffee house in your church


“Mission Trip” – layman’s vacation to a third world country


“Mission vision” – church executives envisioning a movement of more power, money and authority away from local congregations toward them


“Prayer” – requests for our will to be done in the most glorious way possible

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