President Kieschnick Increases BJS Numbers, by Pastor Rossow

We have just concluded our best week ever for unique visitors here on the BJS website. We blew away our previous high by 30% and our weekly average by 100% and it is in great part  due to President Kieschnick’s lack of supervision on the one hand and  his aggressive and wasteful pursuit of a lawsuit on the other hand.  Our daily average of unique visitors has steadily grown to about 1,000 a day but in this last week we skyrocketed to nearly 2,000 per day. Our weekly average is about 6,000 but this past week our daily totals added up to  12,227. Our previous high was 9,000, the week that President Kieschnick released his Blue Ribbon Task Force Proposals. When President Kieschnick acts, our numbers go up.

Our posts about The Alley  (archived in  the “Editor’s Blog” archive)  for the last week and a half  garnered a lot of attention and greater numbers than usual. That momentum spilled over into last week when  Mollie broke the story of the Issues, Etc. trademark lawsuit. The existence of The Alley and dozens of other such “non-church” church start-ups around the synod is happening under President Kieschnick’s watch and is also a product of the evangelism-first mentality of his Ablaze program. The more churches like The Alley that are promoted in the LCMS under President Kieschnick’s supervision, the more our readership number grows.

It has also been reported on an Issues, Etc. podcast that there is evidence that President Kieschnick is involved in the lawsuit against Todd Wilken and Jeff Schwarz to block their legal right to the Issues, Etc. trademark. President Kieschnick and the LCMS Board of Directors is using your offering money to pay attorneys to block the use of a trademark that they themselves surrendered. (Is it any wonder that congregation after congregation is cutting back their financial support of LCMS Inc.?) The more President Kieschnick pursues such things, and the more we reprot on them, the more our readership grows.

This is not a matter of President Keischnick personally. He may be a nice guy or not. I do not know. I have spent a few hours with him but not enough to know him all that deeply. What I do know is that under his leadership there has been crisis after crisis in the synod such as the Yankee Stadium nonsense that ate up so much of our synodical time and resources, the shrinking number of ordained ministers in the mission field,  the poor stewardship of funds spent on fundraising, Concordia professors supporting the terrorist Bill Ayers, and now the threat of a frivolous lawsuit against Issues, Etc. That is not even to mention how under his lack of supervision  our synod has grown polarized by the allowance of over the top renditions of the church such as The Alley  which are not only allowed but actually supported by Ablaze funds.

When President Kieschnick acts, BJS website numbers go up. We are happy to have the growth in readership but would gladly sacrifice it for a synod supervised more closely and with better leadership. We see that sort of leadership and willingness to supervise exhibited in Matt Harrison’s “It’s Time.” Maybe it is time? In the meantime, we encourage you to keep reading our website and share it with your friends and relatives so that they can read about what is going on in the synod and decide for themselves if there is enough supervision in the synod and if things like the Issues, Etc. lawsuit are frivolous and a waste of their offerings.

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