Motion from Rev. Joseph Fisher to End Synod’s Battle for the Trademark

Rev. Joseph Fisher from West Bend, Wisconsin has prepared a motion that will be submitted to the South Wisconsin District’s pastor’s conference in March. The “whereas” section gives the details of the synod’s attempt to stop Issue’s Etc. rightful application for the trademark and the “resolved” section asks the synod to stop its efforts to halt the application.

The motion can be viewed here on our new “wiki” titled ¬†that serves as a primer for LCMS governance. It is intended to help the Brothers of John the Steadfast, and all of our readers, ¬†understand the political structure of the synod so that they can be more effective in voicing their concerns and working to make the Word of Christ in its purity the standard for this denomination. Like all “wikis” it is community based so we look to you to help us fill it out in the months and years to come. Please take a subject, research it in the synodical handbook and elsewhere and write up a summary for all to read.

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