Issue #3 of the Quarterly Mailed This Week: Sneak Peak – New Denomination Mocked as “The Episcopal Church Missouri Synod”

Issue #3 of our Steadfast Quarterly is printed and will be   mailed this week. Included in the “Church Watch” section is a derisive comment that editor Jeniffer Jordan dug up about the new conservative Anglican denomination which mocks the new church as “The Episcopal Church Missouri Synod” because of its  Scritural approach to the authority of the Bible.

Also included in this issue is an article on vocation by Pastor Wilken’s U.S. Representative John Schimkus, our new Steadfast Parish of the Quarter – Messiah Lutheran Church in Seattle, an article on the end times by layman James Lowitzer and much more.

Once our over 200 members have received the Quarterly in the mail we will post it as a pdf here on the site along with the past issues. To become a dues paying member just click the “Join Now” button on the home page. The Quarterly is just one of the perks of membership. Other perks include  a new member packet with a 5″ x 7″ matted/framable print of John the Steadfast and other “goodies.

Thanks to the Quarterly volunteers who make it a reality:  Pastor Fritz Baue –  general editor, Cheryl Magness – managing editor and our other department editors  Elaine Gavin and Jenny Jordan.

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