Immediate Action Required – Get Your E-mails/Phone Calls In to Synod!

It has been brought to our attention that the Board of Directors meets this week (Feb. 19-20), and the Council of Presidents meets this weekend. Let them know of your displeasure with the way the Board of Directors is wasting synodical money and time wrangling for the Issues, Etc. trademark. Get your emails sent to your District President and the members of the BOD  ASAP! Click on those links to get contact information from

Talking points might include:

  • Why does the LCMS want the trademark for Issues, Etc. when they have already canceled the show for economic reasons?
  • How much money is being spent on this? It is clear that law firm partners are working on this which means large billings to the LCMS. Do you as a BOD member/District President ¬† know how much is being spent?
  • Does this seem like a good thing to spend money on when our ordained missionary pool is being cut?
  • Does this seem like godly action – to harm the livelihood of men who produce a show that has done so much to bring so many people to the truth of Lutheranism and to build up those who are already Lutheran?

Read the last few days posts and comments on this and add to the list.

There are also sample emails and other information available on the LCMSpolitics site.

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