Call for Papers for Steadfast Quarterly and Posting of the Recent Issue

(The latest isue of the Steadfast Quarterly is now on the site – click here to see it. It is mailed out to all members free of charge as a part of their annual dues. Once it is in the hands of all the members we post it here on the site.)

The Steadfast Quarterly is seeking brief articles for a special issue on Evangelism.

This issue intends to demonstrate that one can be a confessional Lutheran and still be serious about Evangelism. That one can engage in outreach without turning into an Evangelical Church Growther. That Lutheran evangelists need not neglect theology, and that Lutheran theologians need not forsake evangelism.

We are looking for short (500 to 1,000 words) articles in the following categories:

  • Small church
  • Large church
  • Urban “
  • Suburban “
  • Small town “
  • Rural
  • Campus ministry
  • Foreign missionary
  • Mission planter

Also we very much desire articles from laymen bringing people to Christ in the course of pursuing their vocation.

Please send material or query to: Dr. Frederic W. Baue.

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