Newly Crowned Miss America Attended Lutheran Elementary School in Indiana

BJS website reader Joe Hildreth reports that the new Miss America, Katie Stam is from Seymour, Indiana and attended one of the local LCMS elementary schools. Here is Joe’s report.

I was hoping you could post a congratulations to the new Miss America, Katie Stam. She is from Seymour, IN, a hotbed of Lutheranism. Her conservative Lutheran upbringing is evidenced by her morals and strength. She attended one of our local Lutheran elementary schools and her mother is even a teacher at another local Lutheran elementary school. Her aunt explained to me Sunday morning that her father had to re-record the music (he performed) a little lower for Katie’s rendition of “Via Dolorosa” due to Katie having laryngitis earlier in the week and not being able to hit the high notes she normally does…we are all proud of the local girl in the national spotlight who held on to her values. BTW if you did not see her sing in the pagent, you should view it. Thank you and God bless. Joe Hildreth

Thanks Joe for the news.

Pastor Rossow

P.S. This sure beats looking at Wilken’s picture ┬áin the last post.

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