THIS is just odd (Mollie)

The LCMS Reporter staff didn’t publish any letters to the editor this month. Instead, they published something that makes me wonder just how bad their mail must be. Check out what I mean:

‘Reporter’ still gets letters

Although there is no “Letters to the Editor” column in this month’s Reporter, don’t assume it’s because we didn’t receive any letters in the past month. That hardly ever is the case.

If you’ve written a letter that doesn’t appear in print, please remember that may be due to any one of a number of factors, including lack of space in a particular issue.

Sometimes, letters are more appropriately handled via one-on-one communication than through print. Other letters may address topics that do not have broad enough readership appeal to warrant printing.

Still other letters may be based on or contain incorrect information — in those cases, our staff attempts to convey the correct information back to writers or asks experts to communicate directly with writers.

And there are times when the staff decides to lay aside letters that do not “put the best construction on everything,” to quote Martin Luther.

I wrote a letter to the Reporter in response to an article it published. It dealt with public statements, so it wouldn’t have been better handled via private communication and there were no 8th Commandment issues in play. It didn’t get published.

Anyway, I’m wondering just how negative their mail must be to have to publish a column like this.

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