Crumbling explanations at Synod, Inc., by Mollie

Remember the various explanations developed by Board for Communication Services Executive Director David Strand as to why Issues, Etc. was canceled?

Remember how he scrambled to come up with some numbers after the immediate outcry regarding the situation?

The Board for Communications Services minutes from the August 4 and 5 meeting have two devastating pieces of information.

One is that standard practice in Synod is for the treasurer to be consulted regarding any potential variance in revenue when a Board — or its executive director acting secretly from the board — is considering making a decision with financial consequences.

That wasn’t done.

Now remember that David Strand claims that he canceled Issues, Etc. for financial and programmatic reasons? Well, guess who doesn’t agree with him.

The treasurer. Here’s the revealing line from the minutes:

In T. Kuchta’s view the decision to cancel Issues, Etc. was programmatic rather than financial.

Now if you’re going to claim money concerns caused the move and the money guy doesn’t agree with you. And if you hid your decision from the money guy as well as your board . . . well, I guess no one here is surprised.

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