More Motivation to Start a Confessions Reading Group

(Editor’s Note: This is from Jim Claybourn commenting on a previous post here on the site.)

We are planning on beginning a weekly study group in October.

I am an adult convert (escaped from United Methodism) and have been getting more and more interested in the Old Lutherans’ and church fathers’ teachings. I bought a copy of the BOC several years ago, but never made a real sustained effort to read through much beyond the creeds and SC.

When the Synod fired Wilken and Schwarz, it was a wake up call to really see what was going on. From several websites and blogs I came to realize that I really needed to get into this confessional stuff and see what it was all about.

Once the BJS site was up, and I ordered the start-up kit from Pr Rossow, I had the extra nudge and direction to see that a group study, led by our Pastor was what we needed.

I talked with our Pastor, he was open to leading the group, gave me a couple time slots that would work for him, and basically left it up to me to get the ball rolling. I spread the word around our congregation to determine the interest level. I also sent out an email blast to the officers and leaders of our congregation to make them aware of the plans, and also let them know of the CPH sale on the BOC in hard copy and digital formats.

We just put an announcement in our bulletin last Sunday, so it is a little early to tell how many we will have participating, but I’m encouraged by several who have told me that they have purchased the BOC and will be at the first meeting.

Jim Claybourn

To Order a Chapter Start-Up Kit send your request to Pastor Tim Rossow

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