For Jefferson Hills’ next trick . . . (Mollie)

Here’s the latest on the JeffersonHills Church (apparently affiliated with the LCMS and best known for their Satan billboard campaign):

If you missed this weekend you missed something huge that God has called JH to launch. Beginning in September we are offering another venue along with our Sunday morning opportunities to take communion that will take place in special homes in our community lead by our God ordained elders.

By the way today was amazing when we asked our elders to come forward and have people lay hands on them to prepare them for leading communion nights. What was so amazing was the number of people who came forward to lay hands. Almost everyone in attendance came forward to agree that this is what God is calling us to do and that these men were Godly men who love and follow Jesus. It was not a position they were elected for or nominated for. This was a calling that each man had to prayerfully except or reject. And it was confirmed with the number of people who came to lay hands.

Now, Missouri DP Ray Mirly still hasn’t responded to any my questions about what the heck is going on at JeffersonHills.

But the questions remain. What is he doing? How is he helping out this congregation that is ashamed to be affiliated with the Lutheran Church and yet takes precious mission funds that could be spent on, well, missions?

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