But other than these mistakes, the story is correct (Mollie)

There was an interesting story in The Reporter the other day:

In other actions, the Board: authorized its general counsel to prepare a release for use of the LCMS-owned trademark for the radio program “Issues, Etc.,” the archived programs, and related materials to Rev. Todd Wilken and Jeff Schwarz. Wilken and Schwarz intend to continue the program, which was dropped by KFUO. According to Schultz, the Board expects the agreement will help bring the recent programming issues to a positive conclusion.

Um, what a bizarre collection of statements.

First off, the LCMS isn’t really in a position to release the trademark for “Issues, Etc.,” since they forgot to renew it back in 1999.

And Wilken and Schwarz don’t “intend to continue the program.” They continued the program — two months ago!

And what’s this “was dropped by KFUO” business? I’m sure that Dennis Stortz and Chuck Rathert will be pleased to know that David “I acted alone, really, why are you laughing?” Strand is blaming them for the cancellation.

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