The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire! (Mollie)

Pastor Joel Brondos has written a fascinating test that analyzes the theology of the Ablaze! movement by offering side-by-side statements. The first statement represents positions which are clearly in line with the Scriptures and Lutheran Confessions while the second statement represents an antithesis. Readers are encouraged to consider which statement matches Ablaze! better.

Here are the first three sets of statement:

(1) The Means by which it works

☐ 1A. It clearly shows how the Lord does His gracious work through the Holy Scriptures, Holy Baptism, Holy Absolution, and Holy Communion, demonstrating in accordance with the Lutheran Confessions that these are the only means by which the Spirit works.

☐ 1B. The majority of its sermons, articles, actions and expenditures show a heavy dependence and reliance upon clever stories or worldly means — such as consultants who tell us nothing of the Gospel but focus on secular sales techniques or manipulative motivational methods to get the world’s attention.

(2) Right use of Law and Gospel

☐ 2A. It rightly divides between Law and Gospel in every aspect of the media it uses.

☐ 2B. It takes an “infomercial” approach to the proclamation of the Gospel in the way it uses various print and broadcast media getting people to buy into the program because it sounds so good.

(3) Leading to Repentance or Motivation

☐ 3A. It uses well-trained, called and ordained servants of the Word who by the Law of God lead people to repentance and in the proper application of the Gospel preach life and salvation in Christ.

☐ 3B. It makes use of motivational speakers who hold a faith contrary to that which we confess — speakers who confuse the distinction and application of Law and Gospel in promoting a course of action to save the lost and act in a Christian manner.

There are over 30 sets of statements. Read them all. Readers are encouraged to give evidence to support their arguments.

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