Introducing “I Desire Mercy, Not Satire…”

Mercy is an oft redefined word; so much so that people use it in conjunction with killing and do not laugh themselves silly at the oxyMORONIC nature of language in the post-modern age. Sarcasm is a piece of steel that pokes and prods and is swung around and causes blunt force traumas that are hard to heal. Satire is that sarcastic piece of steal sharpened. Oh it can injure just as sure as Sarcasm, but its finely honed edges can be used to cut out cancer. Satire may hurt, but its intent to Reform can be a tool of Mercy.


The focus of “I Desire Mercy, Not Sarcasm…” is the balance between the life of Mercy we find in Christ and the need to speak the Truth in love – sometimes by making fun of the errors we are trying to correct.

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