Breaking: Restructuring up on Web site

Check it out here.

Update: A reader sends along his highlights from an initial reading:

No more decision making boards in the Synod. All boards merely advisory. All executives report to The LCMS President, who would also hire them. All power concentrate in hand of Synod president, who would now be elected to six year terms.

Delegate representation slashed to only less than 700 delegates at a convention.

Congregations get two delegates for every 750 members they have.

Either 100 districts, or only 20 districts. Either smaller districts, or much larger.

More political activities than ever before, since all voting delegates would be elected at district conventions, not at the circuit meetings.

Overtures no longer coming directly from congregations, but only through district convention (effective way to kill unwelcome overtures!).

Doctrinal resolutions changing anything substantial require a 2/3 vote [not bad right now, for this would probably block women’s ordination], but if they change delegate representation on the basis of the new way of electing delegates: it’s all over!!!

Bylaws can be adopted, that negate anything else, by a simple majority.

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