Some introductory comments from Klemet Preus

“We’re going to pick up here where Issues Etc. left off…truly independent, free to speak, no holds barred…Christ centered and cross focused.” Those were certainly welcome words as countless erstwhile pod casters readied themselves for the impending daily dose of straightforward, orthodox, Lutheran theology. Todd and Jeff were coming back. I was very pleased to hear it. I was happy for Todd and Jeff. They are truly heroes in my opinion. They have born the cross with calm and courage. And I am convinced they will be more effective and a greater blessing to the church than when they worked for the Missouri Synod. These men need support financially. So witness also the birth of the new laymen’s organization “Brothers of John the Steadfast.” This group is going to ask for your money, among other things, so as to support the new radio show and other worthy causes. If you bemoaned the ridiculous fate of the old Issues Etc. like I did, and if you signed the petition like I did, and if you read the various blogs almost every day like I did, then you will take a crowbar to the wallet and send some funds to this worthy endeavor like I did.

I am honored also to have been asked to write a couple of times a week for the BJS website. I was asked to write primarily, so they said, because I do not take myself too seriously. I don’t really know if that is true or not. I take Christ seriously and His work for me. I take seriously His Word of forgiveness based upon His work which is our theology. I take the Bible seriously. I take seriously His church which is the creation of his Word based upon his work. And I take seriously my call as a pastor to His church in Plymouth, MN. I take my mom seriously most of the time and my wife seriously when she needs me to. I take the members of my congregation seriously to a point. I take history seriously. I take seriously the salutary practices of the churches because they typically lead to a deeper understanding of our theology much as a Staff is used by a shepherd to lead his sheep to the warmth and light of an Ablazing Fire.

I took Issues Etc. seriously in a tragically matter a fact kind of way. I won’t make that mistake again. And I will take you seriously or not depending on how seriously you take yourself.

Klemet Preus

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