Reactions to BJS Publication of “Catechesis: The Quiet Crisis.”

Here are some comments and questions from Lutherans on Facebook when they saw the post on titled, “Catechesis: The Quiet Crisis, in Three Parts, at Brothers of John the Steadfast.” [See Part 1 , Part 2, or Part 3.]

  • I was an adult confirmand and don’t even remember hearing the word catechism. I think the LCMS was afraid they were looking too Roman Catholic at that time.
  • That is quite alarming for a denomination built on true biblical understanding. Lutheran fathers should be ashamed.
  • What does it mean to be catechized with the Small Catechism?
  • During my new member class we went over it but it wasn’t the main focus of what I was taught from.
  • This is a serious problem. In my case, many members remember that they “learned” the Catechism, but cannot remember its content. Those who came from other denominations were received without any instruction whatsoever, save a one-time discussion with my predecessor. No wonder there are such problems!
  • But when you when you confirmed, didn’t you have to agree with the small catechism?
  • My husband and I are memorizing the small catechism with help from a CD by CPH.
  • Woe, that is sad. Over 30 years in the Holy Office I have supplemented with the Large Catechism, all of the Book of Concord, and the Brief Statement, but have never taught without the Six Chief Parts. Yet I have inherited two congregations where the Small Catechism was abused or ignored before my arrival
  • Tragic.
  • Should I not be able to speak, see or hear…may you find comfort in knowing that I have memorized the meaning of the second article, it will be my source of comfort as all other memorized Scripture.
  • I’d just love to have a class based on the catechism. I know many of our members are converts and have not studied it so a refresher for me (us) and something wonderful for them!
  • I have never understood how anyone in the Lutheran church catechizes without using Luther’s Small Catechism.
  • I was raised Catholic and after that all over the place. I would love a class like that.
  • Goodness, I’ve been a member of 5 different churches (LCMS or WELS) in the past 25 years (we moved alot) and I went to “new member information” classes at each one just to get to know more about the methods and teachings of each pastor. ALL of them taught from the Small Catechism. This is shocking that you have found so many not teaching from this source. What are they using?
  • At my church a program called “People Close to God” is used and at a neighboring congregation they use a program called “Basic Bible Christianity.”

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