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2016cPromo_250x300-redThe 2016 Steadfast Lutherans Conference is fast approaching!  Come on down and enjoy February in Texas!  Enjoy a whole spectrum of great speakers teaching on Reformation topics that are timely. (do you think Pr. Beane may have something to say about “Star Wars” services that have been happening in LCMS parishes?)

We will be confessing the “old” because that’s what the church does, confessing what our Lord handed down long ago, which has through God’s provision been passed to us.  What’s the point?  We confess that which is from God so that everyone, old and new, young and old, would hear that sweet good news of Christ Jesus and the justification of the sinner by faith in Him alone.

Save some money, get ready to learn solid theology to confess before the world (and sadly the agents of the world that have infested and catechized much of the LCMS).




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