Who’s Minding the Store at CPH? by Pr. Rossow

1117151642On a recent stop in St. Louis at the anchor store of Concordia Publishing House on Jefferson Avenue I was shocked to notice that the heretical book of spiritist author Sarah Young was for sale in the store. The title of the book of devotions is titled “Jesus Calling – Enjoying Peace in His Presence.”

As you can tell from this critique she is not talking about the real presence of Jesus in the Lord’s Supper but an occult-like presence of Jesus in her conversations with Him.

Ironically, one day prior I did not even know of this woman but the night before the visit to St. Louis I heard a teaching from Lutherans in Africa Director James May on the heresy of this woman. I got to spend a few days with James this fall and was once again impressed with what a faithful Bible student and teacher he is. (Take a moment now and go to the LIA website linked above and make a donation to this wonderful ministry of the Gospel.) What a coincidence that I saw the book at CPH the very next day. Maybe it was Jesus speaking to me, directing me to that particular display? 🙂

(I have an email into CEO Bruce Kintz from CPH to see what is up with this promotion of heresy. I will post any updates in the comment section below.)

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