Kenya’s Oldest, Most Read Newspaper Reports on Bishop Obare’s Corruption Including Allegations Involving LCEF Loan, by Pr. Rossow

The Standard Digital (the internet arm of the oldest and most read newspaper in Kenya) has reported the corruption of Bishop Obare in an article titled “How Clergy Ate Cash Cows Intended for Church.” You can read the article online here.

The article title gets at the most despicable aspect of Obare’s corruption. He diverted to his own construction company funds that were donated by LCMS members intended for the “Cows Program” which was to provide cows for villagers to lift them out of poverty. This is a documented abuse based on invoices retrieved from Obare’s office. I have seen these documents myself in person and Obare’s accusers have posted them online.

The article also mentions Obare’s abuse of a loan from the LCEF. I had heard of this matter but the Standard online article quotes pastors from Kenya talking about this concern in some detail. I am not sure where the loan stands with LCEF but it has also been reported to me from sources who were inside Obare’s office that other monies were redirected to make loan payments and that there was and still is a massive shell game going on in the Bishop’s office.