Pastors Protest Rev. Walter Obare’s Dictatorial Leadership in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya, by Pr. Rossow

Several pastors, evangelists, deaconesses and laymen have released a video of their protest outside of the headquarters of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya (ELCK) over the alleged dictatorial leadership of Rev. Walter Obare (video shown below).


Click here for a collection of documents that they have published to support their accusations:

For years the darling of LCMS mission work, Rev. Walter Obare of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya (ELCK) has been in and out of court and accused by pastors of the ELCK of corruption. This is important news since the ELCK has received so much aid and attention from the LCMS in the past decade or two.

In the video the protesters allege three main things against Bishop Obare. They allege that 1) he has not held free elections as called for in their constitution, 2) he has mismanaged the finances of the ELCK (e.g. instead of giving retired workers the pension due them, money is diverted elsewhere), and 3) he has acted like a dictator instead of like a Lutheran bishop.

I have met Bishop Obare. He is winsome and talks a good confessional game but the allegations claim that this is not the way he leads. I wrote a glowing post about him after he preached the sermon at President Harrison’s installation because he took on the sacred cow of contemporary worship. That post led to me getting all kinds of reports over the years since, that claimed the exact opposite of Obare. I have been convinced for a while that he is not a true confessional leader and now that the Kenyans themselves have made this a public matter I think it is time that these things be made public for the average LCMS member to know. I was very surprised when I first found out that the same Bishop Obare who trashed contemporary worship in the pulpit of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis uses contemporary worship in his own church rather than using the confessional hymnal that was translated for the Africans.

Over the years I have heard several pastors whom I respect, from the LCMS, ELCK and even the Finnish Lutheran Church (they have been doing mission work in Kenya for years) bring back reports from Kenya that Walter Obare was doing damage to the Gospel in the ELCK. From the looks of the video the Kenyan Lutherans have finally had enough.

In the video linked above the Kenyans complain that Bishop Obare has stood in the way of the mandated elections. Years ago when Bishop Obare was first elected the ELCK constitution had a term limit for the office of bishop. When that was exceeded Obare’s supporters played some word games with his title and he was “appointed” to extend his service as Bishop, contrary to the constitution. When the opponents raised enough of a stink Bishop Obare did call an electoral convention but the call itself violated the constitution. Instead of the required weeks to call an election/convention he announced on Holy Monday that there would be an electoral convention on Holy Friday. If that were not bad enough, it was located in a remote enough place that his opponents, most of whom resided in outlaying dioceses, could not get there in time and even if they did, would have to be absent form their parishes for the Feast of the Resurrection.

There is some very alarming audio tape from an interview done at that skunk convention. A supporter of Bishop Obare is asked why he votes for him. The response: “Bishop Obare gives us money, what do you have to give us?” The interviewee went on to speak about the LCMS as a sort of protector and guarantor for Obare. There are many in Kenya who believe that money given by the LCMS to the ELCK has made its way to this greasing of palms. The LCMS intends all of the goodies it hands out to be used for good but once delivered they are susceptible to corruption.

This is not unrelated to my concerns posted a few weeks ago about the over emphasis on mercy in our synod. What Africa needs is teachers. That is what the truly confessional Lutherans in Africa are asking for. Mammon leads to corruption. The “evangelism” of handing out goodies does not promote the Gospel. It creates dependency and leads to corruption. I believe the accusations of corruption in the above linked documents because I have heard it in the voice of the Obare supporter and it has been reported to me for some time by reputable pastors who have been in Kenya and seen it with their own eyes.

The Kenyans on the video also complain about the mismanagement of funds. Even before the website was put up with documentation, I have seen copies of many of those same documents. The documents tell the analytical part of the story. The living part of the story comes from those who have worked with the administration of the ELCK and tell horror stories such as monies intended for the “cows” program being diverted to extravagant building programs which to make matters worse, as the documents make clear, were built by a construction company part owned by Bishop Obare.

The third accusation is the most interesting as far as I am concerned. The other two are run of the mill, manipulations of the system and deception for personal gain. The third accusation is very subtly and wonderfully Waltherian. Obare is accused of not being a genuine bishop. As former District President Roger Pittlelko was fond of saying “Every parish pastor is a Bishop.” The point is that according to the Bible an episkopos (Greek for “bishop”) has nothing to do with lording it over anyone and everything to do with overseeing the preaching of the Gospel and the administration of the sacraments. Many of the Kenyan Lutherans have received good training from the likes of the Lutheran Heritage Foundation and others through the years and they know what a true bishop is like. Luther reminds us from the Gospel of John that the sheep know the voice of the shepherd. These Kenyans are not hearing the voice of the Good Shepherd from Walter Obare.

I am hearing that the LCMS is being much more careful with how it doles out mission support dollars. That is a good thing. It seems prudent to suspend any financial aid for the ELCK until this thing gets sorted out at the local level.

I would also suggest that we de-emphasize the handing out of goodies on the mission front and return to an emphasis on placing word and sacrament pastor/missionaries in the field. If you have been watching things coming out of the Harrison administration that is exactly what is being done. Now the Harrison administration needs to add to that a distancing from false bishops like Walter Obare. The emphasis needs to be on teaching and translating/distributing Lutheran catechetical materials. That is exactly what groups like Professor John Pless’s teams in Madagascar are doing as well as Lutherans in Africa, the Lutheran Heritage Foundation, the Luther Academy and others.

About Pastor Tim Rossow

Rev. Dr. Timothy Rossow is the Director of Development for Lutherans in Africa. He served Bethany Lutheran Church in Naperville, IL as the Sr. Pastor for 22 years (1994-2016) and was Sr. Pastor of Emmanuel Lutheran in Dearborn, MI prior to that. He is the founder of Brothers of John the Steadfast but handed off the Sr. Editor position to Rev. Joshua Scheer in 2015. He currently resides in Ocean Shores WA with his wife Phyllis. He regularly teaches in Africa. He also paints watercolors, reads philosophy and golfs. He is currently represented in two art galleries in the Pacific Northwest. His M Div is from Concordia, St. Louis and he has an MA in philosophy from St. Louis University and a D Min from Concordia, Fort Wayne.


Pastors Protest Rev. Walter Obare’s Dictatorial Leadership in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya, by Pr. Rossow — 87 Comments

  1. Regarding the last three responses (48-50), Pastor Ombogo, I want to clarify the chronology. Abp. Obare corrected Kea during the Luther Academy Conference at Matongo in December of 2012, not while Kea was a pastor and 4 years before his consecration. But I think there is a good question here for all the Bishops of the ELCK — why did they consecrate him to begin with? Kea had been elected, but an episcopal responsibility remains and there are questions still unanswered around the election of Kea, and certainly, his theology and practice. Please understand what I have written before you dismiss it as “fables.” Do you seriously imagine that Kea is not an apostate? Secondly, you are repeating what others have said (and this is the real bone of contention), that the 2008 Constitution was never legally registered. That may have been true at one time, not today. Please check with Dr. Ochola, who chaired the Constitutional Committee. My information is from him. If I am wrong, then I have been misinformed by no less than that trusted leader. Or are you also bringing charges against Dr. Ochola? Secondly, and this to Pastor Ondicho, I am saddened to hear you surmise that I don’t expect Kenyans to read this blog. Indeed, I do. I have them as an audience most in mind. My students are distressed by the political turmoil in their church. I am not insensitive to their and your own feelings. But there is more to this than a question about Obare’s leadership. I did not assert that you are ignorant. To say so is simply libel. I am offended by the cavalier way you treat my reputation. Finally, and this to Pastor Rossow: what happened to the blog standards you say you enforce? If such incendiary language were made at your expense, I think you’d censor the post. I do not find such remarks “helpful.” I am disappointed by this.

  2. Professor Aadland,

    You are wrong about the constitution.

    The Deputy Registrar of Societies from the office of the Attorney General of Kenya sent a letter last week confirming that the the only recognized constitution of the ELCK is from 1966 and that the last legal election held in the ELCK was in 2002.

    I have an electronic copy of the letter and will be posting it in the next week or so.

    Bishop Obare is very corrupt and has undermined the Gospel in the ELCK for years. The evidence is over whelming.

  3. Pastor Tim,
    What is that letter from the office of the Attorney general is a fake one?

  4. Pastor Tim,
    Have you ever imagined that what your comrades from Kenya has been updating you with might be fake things? As a church minister in ELCK I would advice you not to publish the letter before you verify its authenticity.

  5. Pastor Tim,
    Have you verified what they told you about the constitution? Before you fault Professor Aadland on the constitution, how far have you verified these facts given to you by your comrades.

  6. I am Pastor Erick Omondi serving in ELCK. Dr Adland keeps on referring to “a trusted leader” while Dr Ochola assumed the office fraudulently. All of us in ELCK lake Diocese were invited for reconciliation meeting and hours later this meeting was turned into an election without any notice on a Friday and Bishop Obare consecrated him the following sunday without the knowledge of Christina members in the Diocese yet his unregistered constitution says the consecration should be within three months. Any person who was present saw bishop Amayo walk out of the election and said he could not participate in an earthly manner in electing a bishop. many of us saw this as coup.
    Dr Adland believes that the court barred ELCK from holding the elections. The question is where does Bishop Obare get the power to elect the new bishops and installing them in office if ELCK has been barred from holding elections as Dr Adland suggest from his trusted source? We are also questioning why Bishop Obare keeps dropping bishops and appointing new ones without a constitutional mandate?
    It is public knowledge through bishop Obare’s utterances that he hold the key for any pastor to study in LCMS Seminaries, latest being last week on Friday addressing pastors in Lake Diocese at Mawira when he said that he holds key to access studies in USA. Pastor Jared Magero was paraded by Bishop Obare as the next candidate and one does not need to seek further answers pertaining to pastor Magero’s comments to the genuine letter from the register which he think is fake. When will this kind of sycophancy give room to fairness, just, and equal opportunities to all deserving prospective candidates in ELCK? This fight does not belong to anybody but it is our prayer that one day God will listen to the weak in ELCK.
    Pastor Erick Omondi

  7. Pardon my phariseeism, but his is why we don’t have Bishops in the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod.

  8. @Tim Schenks #9

    Pardon my phariseeism, but his is why we don’t have Bishops in the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod.

    [Borrowed from the “unwritten rules” topic}
    I just think that point #2 in the original article needs to be expanded to include the fact that DPs can pretty much do whatever they want with little risk of being corrected when in error.

    A skunk cabbage by any other name…..

  9. Hellen, I am referring to actual Bishops, not elected ecclesiastical supervisors.

  10. @helen #10
    Funny you ask this…one actual reason is legality, and some of this really came out of the Seminex days.

    Our District Presidents are here to dispense mostly law (or Law), it depends; actual Bishops are Pastors to the Pastor. We have lost this. Bishops would dispense (if a good and faithful man) more love and care, that is their call.

    I bet this gets some discussion going.

  11. helen :
    A skunk cabbage by any other name…..

    It is ironic in at least two ways that we in the LCMS speak so adamantly about the “supreme” voters assembly and so lividly about the “evil” episcopal form of church government:

    1. I’m not aware of any examples of congregational polity in the Word, but there are examples of episcopal polity and such is spoken of fondly in our Confessions.

    2. We have a de facto episcopal polity embodied in DPs gone wild.

    N.B.: The specific form of church polity is not prescribed by the Word, but it is described…

  12. Pr. Crandall,

    You’re talking about the same Confessional Lutherans who had a state ruler as the head of the church, with consistories and visitors just like today, and no Bishops, just like today.

  13. Conflict resolution may help solve problems and restore what has been lost. Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms are far better than the straitjacket legalistic approaches that end with ‘winner takes it all’.
    Dispute resolution gives people the impetus for a fresh start and encourages openness especially in a deep seated conflict like one that has been witnessed in ELCK.It makes everybody a winner in the win-win situation.
    The intervention of the office of the registrar of societies (Attorney Generals office)in ELCK as an abiter in the protracted conflict is a good example.
    A meeting called by the Registrar of societies at the state law office Nairobi on Thursday 17th July brought two factions in ELCK face to face.
    Rev Otete,a retired president of the church and Rev Olak (retired general secretary) collected several signatures of church members to petition the registrar of societies for his intervention.They listed a raft of issues that have divided the church for a long time.
    The two petitioned the registrar because bishop Obare has always cleverly avoided face to face meeting with his perceived critics.
    The Registrar responded by issuing an ultimatum that ELCK must conduct its elections within 45 days so that the elected officials can deal with other matters of interest.
    Bishop Obare walked into the office of the registrar and dismissed Rev Otete’s complains as baseless in a near protest.He told the registrar that his office ,as usual, is in the process of doing elections before the year ends.He therefore founds no reason to discuss anything with a group he considers illegitimate.
    The registrar,after carefully analyzing the situation, became adamant and referred to Otete and his group as ‘stakeholders’ who cannot be wished away .In his opinion, registrar, Otete group have valid points. He went ahead to request Obare and Otete to call an inclusive meeting where the two groups can agree on the way forward.
    The meeting between the two groups failed to take effect and the registrar again took it upon himself to sermon the sides in his office for what appeared to be a compulsory meeting both groups must attend.He used his authority as state officer.At this point all escape routes were closed and Obare had to comply.
    Both sides nominated delegations to the planned meeting in the registrar’s office(I was appointed by Otete side)
    The meeting occurred and was attended by close to 35 people from both sides. It was chaired by the Deputy registrar of societies at the boardroom, state law office,Nairobi.
    The registrar studied all grievances raised and responses given and came up with ‘election’ as the most urgent issue in the church and that others may be dealt with later. Obare confessed that he is 68 years old yet he ought to have retired at 65
    Mutual agreements were procured and a committee of 5 each from both sides formed to do the following
    1. prepare a list of delegates from parishes who will elect new church leaders
    2. remove all obstacles on the way of church elections including court cases if any all progress to the registrar’s office step by step was also agreed that the latest edition of the constitution be used and its recognition be fast-trucked(though the registrar said only the 1966 edition was lawfully in his office)
    This is what Alternative Dispute resolution can do!
    We hope There will be good will(not carrot and stick) from both sides and the Gospel of Jesus will win.

  14. That makes a lot of sense—throw out the people who were elected. Who decides on the alternates?

    Sounds much like the same shenanigans as the ELCA’s quota system.

  15. @Rev. Prof. Thomas V. Aadland #51

    Please be informed those who are giving the wrong information. Up to now still the ELCK Constitution is not registered. What is registered is the 1966 Constitution which is the Lutheran Church of Kenya.

    It was only agreed that for the sake of elections and bringing the two camps. Bishop Obare’s camp and the stakeholders group through a meeting that was held at the Deputy Registrars office on the 17th of July last year 2014 that the 2008 Constitution be used with the understanding that it will be reviewed later.

  16. Pastor Ombogo! You are lost in your world of “Asiagoism.” When you will wake up, you will find yourself left behind in the very liberalism Bishop Asiago and Rev. Chuchu is bringing in ELCK. You are aware that Dr. Aadland is not your match. Pastor Rossow has nothing to offer ELCK as far as confessionalism is concerned. ELCK is tired of your guns Rossow. Ondicho is lamenting for being Swedish slave, i hope you are not blaming it on Obare.

  17. Dear Insider,
    I wonder whether there was a contest between Ombogo and Adland.I view that as your usual side show in a bid to cover up real issues in ELCK. Your assertion of liberalism or and confessionalism needs to be unpacked. It appears you equate Obareism to confessionalism because for you Obare is a deity and any contrary opinion on Obare is your “liberalism”. If confessionalism means refusing to retire from office and lying the Obare style, then Chuchu should lecture you on what Liberalism is. These terms are beyond careless use as you attempt.But in case Adland is not Ombogo’s match, are you then Rossow’s match with such a confused theology?

  18. On matters of Liberalism and confessionalism,
    Let us examine ELCK vis-a-vis confessions. A lot of lip service has been paid to confessionalism by the Obare faction of the ELCK. A case in point concerns worship in ELCK. Two years after the publication of the ELCK worship book(ibada Takatifu), very few congregations are aware of an ELCK worship book.The hymns continue to be as Anglican as before while in some parts of ELCK it is Tanzanian Lutheran. Copies of The hymnal/worship publication are kept in a container in Kibera church. Keys to the container are in the hands of Obare’s son. In those few congregations with ‘ibada takatifu’, they are in photocopied papers. Besides, the book is sold at kshs 400 yet its publication and printing was fully supported by the LCMS. Bishop Obare’s remarks at the book’s preface states that “we thank God for enabling the ELCK to have ibada Takatifu at such a crucial time”. With such reluctance to lay the foundations of practicable confession guaranteed in the ELCK worship book,bishop Obare and his lot are masters of double speak interested in nothing confessional but material.

  19. Dear truth corner
    Your bickering will not help ELCK. Inciting member christians against church leadership is only destroying not edifying. Prayers are ascending that you change your dirty tactics, you will not find it easy when you shall have grabbed church leadership through hooliganism and incitement. You are creating more enemies for yourself without knowing and when you will come to power, the trend of bickering will continue. Followers of Christ are not converted with lies and incitement but with the word of God. Be on your knees for the will of God to prevail. Your humanly designed efforts have failed many times. All the bribes you have given to topple the church leadership have gone for a waste; by the way, why do you waste your resources that much? Truth corner, you are chasing wind. You were present at Registrar’s office and just kept quiet, you did not utter any word. Speak your mind, times are gone when people used to go underground to achieve their motives. For how long will you continue misusing other people while you are the one who is to gain at the end of it. Go on your knees and pray, days are gone when consciences are with mammon. When you were working with Obare, you were very quiet and the church was very peaceful. Trouble begun when Obare relaced you; does it mean you were serving your own interest? Turn to the lord and seek His mercy.

  20. The ELCK Church has its constitution which indicates it’s a gospel spreading body.A Christian leader should portray holy book’s leadership qualities. All should obey their term-period as a show of honour to God’s calling in serving HIM.Give way 4 others also to lead. Be blessed as you leave office in peace.

  21. I thank those friends who gave Bishop Asiago a chance to give his story of ELCK in the just concluded tour of the US.He was condemned without hearing with trumped up charges by the Most Rt Rev Arch Bishop Doctor………..Obare

  22. Obare hullabaloo must come to an halt now! It is now the right time when the ELCK come reeling under the Devil’s attack to safety. The recent excursion by Bishop Asiago to the USA has registered that what is now most urgent is the need for church’s reconciliation and healing. Obare issue should be shelved for good, and be remembered as one of the unfortunate leader ever the ELCK produced. His prattling over nonentities ought to be regrettably remembered in the future.
    The visit to the LCMS headquarters is an assurance that Obare is not the favorite cow as he might have made ELCK to believe. It is now realized that he is not the ‘saviour’ of Lutheranism in Africa but a bigot of orchestrated Lutheran monstrosity. In my paper: The ELCK Crisis: Ecclesiological Bigotry, addressed in detail that the Obare administration was out to cause disharmony in the ELCK in order to accomplish his very selfish reason of staying in power. He wanted to make everybody a junk while he remained a saint! Bishop Obare was all along praising the Lord while passing out the ammunitions!
    The reliable source that the LCMS administration has realized the mistake of working with him and stopped sending funds to him is estimable. In the past, the funds from the LCMS has enabled him to stay afloat by using them as arsenals to molest and lash his opponents through the use of police force, sycophancy and loyalty placements. The Harrison administration receives the banquet for taking a very noble but painful decision. I know this did not come barely on a silver platter but by distinguished consistency and stamina from the likes of Pr Rossow and Pr May of the LHF Kenya. These guys were under the gun; that of ridicule, victimization and threat to be put under strict rooster but relentlessly matched on. Truth may take long to dawn, but it shall surely come to pass and triumph.
    Reconciliation and healing must be embraced now in the ELCK as we forget the ugly wounds that the Obare scandal has inflicted. However, it must be established who, how and where such reconciliation has to be applied, lest it become a futile endeavor. Let’s see it this way: the cause of unity among the clergy and laity is very commendable. The scandal did not injure the unity of the ELCK administration only but squarely hurt the clergy and the laity. This caused the woe of mistrust and suspicion, a scenario that saw a significant exodus of some clergy and laity opting to join other denominations. Starting reconciliation above and out of these levels will be a plethora of futility.
    Thinking along the need to reinvigorate the doctrinal stances, pastoral ethics and Pastors’ welfare will be a succor to cause to feet the ELCK. This will require Pastoral Conferences and the formation of a Commission on Doctrinal matters and Pastors’ welfare. Resources diverted towards this agenda will instill vitality of purpose in the church.
    A little flashback here on the crisis: The ELCK ecclesiological ‘breakdown’ started with the Grievance Letter written as an outcome of a Pastors’ Conference in the South West Diocese over the Obare administration. As one of the 5-man panel who drafted it and the one who typeset it, the letter was calling the administration to come back to its calling. Fortunately, the letter awoke the hurts that this administration had caused across the whole church. Except the North West Diocese which has not to date officially written a grievance note, 3 of the 4 dioceses have done the writing. To your notice, the North West Diocese has not been very keen on the ELCK matters because it is virtually under liberal Norgian Missionaries. It is against the liturgical matters of the Church and prays for‘free’ style worship.
    On 31st October 1517, an Augustinian Monk posted 95 statements that he prayed for discussion on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany. Dr Luther hoped that posting his theses would bring about academic disputation regarding repentance, the sale of indulgences and other matters of concern in the Roman Catholic Church. This caused the excommunication of Luther as a heretic! However this sparked religious reforms not only in the German states but also in other European states. This is the Reformation of the Church! The Grievance Letter from the Pastors of the South West diocese can only be termed as the Genesis of the ELCK Reformation. Bishop Asiago was only very innocent as some indicated that he was out to usurp power from Bishop Obare. Those who know Bishop Asiago confess him to be a man of few words, an expositor of Word, slow to anger and a true Pastor.

  23. Dear Pst Ombogo
    The hullabaloo may not end as yet.Obare has dangerous cronies he is trying to groom for the top office. I call them dangerous because they see nothing wrong with Obare administration (even if obare wants 10 more years they will say yea because they believe in obare narrative to bequeath power to them at all costs). You remember how he corrupted his ways to gain acceptance at the registrar’s office even though they had reprimanded him iniitially.He knows how to play the fox and the lion as in Machiavelli Niccolo. These two natures of him give him an edge if you lull. the hullabaloo now is how to seal off the fox’s hole and starve the lion.Definitely he will be gone.

  24. Dear Pst Ombogo
    The hullabaloo may not end as yet.Obare has dangerous cronies he is trying to groom for the top office. I call them dangerous because they see nothing wrong with Obare administration (even if obare wants 10 more years they will say yea because they believe in obare narrative to bequeath power to them at all costs). You remember how he corrupted his ways to gain acceptance at the registrar’s office even though they had reprimanded him iniitially.He knows how to play the fox and the lion as in Machiavelli Niccolo. These two natures of him give him an edge if you lull. the hullabaloo now is how to seal off the fox’s hole and starve the lion.Definitely he will be gone.

  25. Hallo everybody!
    The situation in ELCK continues to deteriorate alarmingly. Bishop Obare has now expelled three pastors and four bishops in what he calls ‘defrockemement'(known in Anglican circles as permanent removal from office of pastor due to gross misconduct). Remember Obare was initially an Anglican before finding grace and favour in ELCK. The ‘defrockment’ has been backed by a paid advert in one of the leading newspapers in Kenya.It has also been followed with a letter to mission partners warning them against transacting business with these brothers. Interestingly, no ELCK pastor, apart from close allies of Obare has got the copies of the letter dismissing our sweet pastors, meaning that Obare is not serving his pastors but the LCMS from where he gets the money.That aside.I am privileged to have seen the confused and unsubstantiated letter. If that is how justice would be run,believe me brethren, human race would be extinct today.Of course we all know that cunning Obare knows no law except that which favours him but his comedy of errors are increasingly portraying him as sub human!His is beyond the proverbial naked king. I stand to be corrected

  26. Anyone who don’t accept ;1-dialog 2-Reconciliation 3-Forgiveness, indeed will never be the Leader in the House of the Lord:The answerfor ELCK,is only Prayer and God will take care of everything because He knows everything.God forgive them for they do not know what they are doing Amen.

    I urge our friends and brethren who conferred a honorary doctorate to Obare to withdraw it. It is no longer useful as Obare only uses it for pride, dictatorship, corruption and not humility for which titles are intended. I urge the owners of this Honorarium to set up a commission to look into this matter. or else Obare is already in the history books of failed leaders and it will be an abuse to associate him with such a humble title.

  28. I have learnt with surprise that the supreme leader of ELCK ‘DOCTOR’ Walter Obare is at it again. This time, he has installed a new bishop in Nyamira diocese, a day after ‘election’ of the said bishop. Even if that election were right, the constitution requires 3 months before installation after election.
    Besides, Obare has always told the world that Court orders bar him from handing over power. Now,from where has he got this power to install bishops?
    Most unfortunate is that the same diocese has a bishop already !! now they will be two. Obare does not want Asiago friendly one so he plants his own!! Ouch brethren

    I feel ashamed of this. Until when? Now we have 2 bishops in every diocese !
    2 sundays ago, he sealed off a church compound with armed police. He is 70. Retirement is 65. He has lost conscience. We have no power. God save us. our church is hijacked. Nobody is allowed to talk. summons to appear come everyday. Last week 2 pastors were asked to appear before a bishop to defend themselves. We are put to defense on everything. We have no salary. He earns big money like the president.We are not supposed to preach because Obare owns the churches. He rides in a big car and changes them all time. we walk on foot many kilometers to our congregations to preach. Obare doesn’t want us there. We will be expelled from the church any time from now. Because Obare does not like us. Because we say he should retire. Because we ask about ask for transparency and accountability. Because we are poor and our houses have no food. These are the things Obare call heresy. My sacred right is heresy. I have right to live and eat. Obare calls that heresy. My child has a right to education ,Obare calls that heresy. my congregants want me to preach, Obare calls that heresy. If I say Obare is good man, that is good doctrine. Obare is in office legally, that is good theology. Obare does not need to retire, that is being respectful. I sympathize with my child because Obare does not want him to get educated. Obare takes away my job. Only his children should go to school. Jesus, save my church

  29. Dear President Mathew Harrison,
    We always Thank your administration and owe LCMS inexpressible gratitude for supporting gospel work,our orphans and other projects in ELCK.
    You should also support our quest to have good governance in the church.The church has become so divided that some orphans suffer miserably because they come from areas considered opposition zones by Obare regime.Some how, these services are also used to extort loyalty to Obare. We have learnt of Obare’s alleged visit to the US next July to attend an LCMS function.As you prepare to receive him,remember that a pastor was arrested at Uhuru highway church, Nairobi and detained in a police station for 24 hrs because he tried to wave a placard calling for reconciliation in the church. He never visited the pastor in custody even though he called police to make the arrest.Remember that he sealed off a church compound with a contingent of police officers a month ago at Atemo in western Kenya.Remember no financial statement of the church has been read to members for more than 6 years. Remember he is selling church property with power of attorney without authority from church. Remember he was supposed to be retired 5 years ago. Remember he recently removed five pastors from service with no process.If he must come to America then treat him as your fiend, not ELCK leader.

  30. Shame on you truth corner.
    You have no audacity to utter such malicious oracles against the leader of the church. Your team wanted to oust Rev. Arch Bishop Dr. Obare from office through the back door, but ever since you have been proven unlucky. Remember you are not in any capacity to issue a statement to President Matthew Harrison, he is not in your league. He is confessional and you are liberal. He is a leader and you are a rumor monger. You think ELCK does not know your participation to rock it from within and without. I salute Obare from removing you from the register of pastors. Angels from hell like you don’t deserve to minister for the people of God, for what they know and teach are white lies. ELCK will not allow you to create chaos and blame it on Arch Bishop Obare. Your disciples are all over peddling lies about Obare to no avail. ELCK is in the process of weeding out liberalism that almost destroyed it, and for you to be safe, confess your sin of treason in the church and you will be welcomed back. Leave ELCK alone if you are not interested in the leadership, I thought you are registered your own church? Why bother us? If you are still interested, then learn to sober up, avoid abusing the leader of the church, confess your sin and you will be welcome back in the fold. ELCK as a church is ready to receive you back if you repent and confess your sins. We love you truth corner, do not join the son of perdition. Come to light and walk with Jesus.

  31. @ELCK Insider #84

    Dear Insider,
    Of course one does not easily bite a feeding hand.You are known to be the few who help Obare in looting ELCK.Is it too sweet? (too much honey is dangerous to a man). As you realized, I only raised pertinent issues that require sober answers.If someone asks for reconciliation, I don’t think it deserves the kind of comments you give.Every time, you try to trivialize issues, reducing them to a contest on obareism. You are emotional because there is something you will lose if obare retires.You are not for ELCK but for the wealth that comes with obareism.That is why you insist that he must continue in office even if it means taking people to prison. If you have been a student of History,Time will come and the truth will be bare.Obare will be gone and ELCK will remain.I haven’t heard you support Obare with the constitution or Bible even though you are on the roof top of confessionalism. By the way Why can’t you use this space to explain what liberalism is? I know you don’t even understand it yet you use the word because it is a defense-line word for Obare. Let me jog your narrow mind ; when Obare wanted to win LCMS, he fiercely condemned LWF in Jerusalem. He did everything to present himself as a sacrificial lamp before LCMS.Indeed he won big.How did he win? by reading written speeches LCMS wanted to hear. Today, Obare frequents LWF offices in Nairobi.why? The milk from America is reducing and he is looking for milk elsewhere. I also find you a better judge than our Lord Jesus Christ. You say that we belong to hell because we criticise Obare. I won’t judge you. Rather, I will say your approach is cultic.You have too much trust in a personality to the extent of thinking he has his heaven.Ezekiel says we have been made watchmen and if we dont rebuke Obare as you suggest, his sins will be on us. Enjoy your time whether in America or Kenya. You seem to be agitated that I have addressed Mathew Harrison. Probably you think he is another Obare who does not belive in free speech. He may know you better than you think. Pliz don’t drug Pastor Chuchu’s name here! He is not associated with truth corner in any way.

  32. Truth corner
    Remember that you have looted more than anyone else in ELCK. Looting is your language, your character, and that is how you feed. Come to light and confess your atrocities.Remember you are the one who drained all the milk from America to yourself, Obare only realized when it is late. I now concur with Ex-bishop Asiago for being against you some years back. He always asserted that you are robbing the church but Obare turned a deaf ear until it was late. You know deep inside you, how you have robbed the ELCK and now you blame it on others. May God forgive you. Those of you who have extremely benefited from what you now call Obareism knows it better what they get from being close to Obare. Eat what you have in peace and stop causing confusion in ELCK, it will do you some good.

  33. Dear Insider
    You need to produce evidence of your corruption allegations. On my side, I have over 100 papers which I will eventually produce in court to charge Obare with economic crimes ranging from money laundering to mismanagement. Can you explain why your boss has not read financial statement for over 6 years yet it should be done annually?
    Some of the evidence of obare thievery are found in this blog, just scroll upwards and you find them.
    Yours for the asking. Thank you !