What are We Going to See in St.Louis? by Pr. Rossow

I’m leaving in a little while to head down to St. Louis for the installation of President Harrison, the other officers and board members.

There is a lot of excitement. There are people coming from all around the country and even the world for that matter. A good pastor friend of mine from Michigan got to St. Louis yesterday already with his family and is making a mini-vacation out of it with a trip to the zoo,  the arch, and other sites. St. Louis has a great zoo, one of the best in the country and I think it is still free. For old times sake my wife and I will probably look up the old apartments we used to live in while attending seminary and graduate school (St. Louis U) in the holy city. One of them was right across the freeway from the zoo and there were many nights when we were sung to sleep by the barking seals and the growling lions.

Are we going to see a lion in St. Louis? I would say our new president can roar when he needs to but for the most part, from what I can tell, he speaks pretty softly but always knows where is going and works effectively and in a team spirit to bring everyone along.

I have my camera and my laptop so hopefully I will be able to download some photos for you to see. Also, be sure to watch the live video over on the synod web-site.

So what are your thoughts? What are we going to see in St. Louis? (Both synodical and sight-seeing suggestions are welcome.)

About Pastor Tim Rossow

Rev. Dr. Timothy Rossow is the Director of Development for Lutherans in Africa. He served Bethany Lutheran Church in Naperville, IL as the Sr. Pastor for 22 years (1994-2016) and was Sr. Pastor of Emmanuel Lutheran in Dearborn, MI prior to that. He is the founder of Brothers of John the Steadfast but handed off the Sr. Editor position to Rev. Joshua Scheer in 2015. He currently resides in Ocean Shores WA with his wife Phyllis. He regularly teaches in Africa. He also paints watercolors, reads philosophy and golfs. He is currently represented in two art galleries in the Pacific Northwest. His M Div is from Concordia, St. Louis and he has an MA in philosophy from St. Louis University and a D Min from Concordia, Fort Wayne.


What are We Going to See in St.Louis? by Pr. Rossow — 47 Comments

  1. Andrew – Great idea! How could I forget? Actaully I am watching my carbs so I may skip that but I know my wife will want a custard. (Maybe if I see Weedon, the king of low carb – I can ask him what I should do in place of a Ted Drewes.)


  2. Since I prefer microbrewed root beer to the hops and barley varieties, I would suggest
    http://www.fitzsrootbeer.com/. They have a decent restaurant, and if you are there while they are bottling, request a table by the line. Every time I’m there, I think of the opening sequence to Laverne & Shirley!

    Fitz’s is in the heart of the Delmar Loop, which also features Blueberry Hill (a great Blues restaurant) and the St. Louis Walk of Fame. If it weren’t for your low carb diet, I would also recommend Cheese-ology, a Mac and Cheese restaurant just down the street from Fitz’s that serves Fitz’s sodas.

  3. “Are we going to see a lion in St. Louis?” I must point out that he has a walrus mustache. No further comparison will be made.

  4. David,

    I know Imo’s is a St. Louis icon – and I do like their pizza but anytime I am doing pizza in St. Louis it is Talayna’s for sure. Their slogan is “The best Jewish pizza in town.” Formerly they were across the street from Wash U but now have moved down the road a bit and right across from the Jefferson memorial in the park.


  5. Go to Grant’s Farm while you can. I don’t mean before it closes for the season, but permanently. We were there in May, and personnel told us that the Belgians are talking about putting it on the real estate market. It will make a great housing tract. 🙁 A travesty. At least Schlafly’s is still American.

    Weedon probably will send you to Olympia’s. http://maps.google.com/maps/place?rlz=1T4GGLL_enUS322US322&um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=olympias+st.+louis&fb=1&gl=us&hq=olympias&hnear=St+Louis,+MO&cid=11290003655373761730

    More importantly, I can guarantee that you will hear the clear gospel of Christ proclaimed by my dear brother. It doesn’t get any better than that!

  6. God bless all of you headed down there and grant you safe travel.

    We are going to be seeing a Lutheran Service for sure down there! There will be no chancel prancing or methobaptacostal worship this Saturday at the installation! Thank and praise God for that!

  7. @Pastor Tim Rossow #9

    We’re going to see Lutheranism taught, confessed, and practiced. We’re already seeing that in the first week and a half, and it is a refreshing sight indeed. An emphasis on Christ and Him crucified for our sins, and our getting in on the goods via Holy Spirit-wrought repentance and faith. Pretty good stuff so far, and I’m confident that the emphasis will remain on Christ for as long as President Harrison and company are privileged to serve our synod.

  8. @Pastor Tim Rossow #9
    “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity”- this is the Scriptures praise of life together under the Word. But now we can rightly interpret the words “in unity” and say, “for brethren to dwell together through Christ.” For Jesus Christ alone is our unity. “He is our peace.” Through Him alone do we have access to one another, joy in one another, and fellowship with one another.” Life Together- Dietrich Bonhoeffer


    @bubbles #6
    or Super Mario Brothers 🙂

  9. Too bad the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra is not playing their opening weekend subscription concert, there is only a pops concert of Abba’s music, sorry. If you are here through next week, we have a smashing opening concert with Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto with Josh Bell at Powell Hall Go to http://www.slso.org for details.

    I know how dearly at least some of you love historical liturgical music as well as classical music, and we have one of the best orchestras in the land here in St. Louis!

    Diana Haskell
    Christian, LCMS
    Associate Principal Clarinet
    St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

  10. Pastor Rossow,
    You have my sympathies, for the low carb lifestyle. Hopefully, it’s by choice & not by force. Me, 15net per meal. Oh yeah, 15 net carbs, per meal. Just that little nugget of knowledge from the Endo Dr., I feel your pain. …the famous low carb standby drink, Cuba Libra. Diet Coke, Bacardi, & Lime.
    Rule of thumb for alcohol, the dryer, the lower, the sweeter, the higher. Your gonna be in Busch country, so the Ultra line should be easy to find. Bear in mind, Ultra Amber is higher than reg Ultra. Ck online for a carb count for your fav’s. Have some kleenex handy, you may need one or two. Eating out, ck online for best choices. It’s a dicey business, eating out.
    God Bless all who attend, President Harrison, and many blessings to the new days ahead for the LCMS.

  11. Unofficial gathering at Schlafly’s Tap Room this evening at 5:30. Many of us will be there. We plan to rock the joint! Join us if you can!

  12. @Diana Haskell #15
    How fortunate you are to be playing with Joshua Bell! The next time we come to St. Louis we’ll have to put the St. Louis Orchestra on the agenda. I’m sure everyone attending tomorrow’s installation will be thrilled by all the wonderful music. I’ll be sitting in front of my computer watching it all via the live stream from the LCMS website. God’s blessings to Pastor Harrison and all who are traveling to St. Louis…how exciting!

  13. Pastor Weedon,

    Will there be a live stream from Schlafly’s website? 😉 Enjoy! Wish I could be there, tonight and tomorrow.

  14. @Dutch #16

    Try Bud Dry too, especially if you like the yeasty flavor (similar to Golden Draft) better than a lot of hops. I imagine I will be accused of not liking beer if I don’t like hops very much …

  15. @Pastor Tim Rossow #9
    I was there in May. I always liked seeing the Old Cathedral, the only church building with the Tetragrammaton on the front (when I showed my pic to my wife she initially thought it was a synagogue!); the College Church of St. Louis U is magnificent…and of course the University Club building in midtown, near the Fox Theatre, which housed at one time my seminary, Seminex. Everyday for four years we go to the lobby, wait for the elevator and look at the large bas-relief artwork of a branch growing out of stump and we did obeisance. Ahh, alas, that branch did not exactly grow into a righteous branch…but I digress. And being here in the south, I got lost in the seminary and CPH bookstores.

  16. Mbw,
    Bud dry is really high, though, that has a 7.8 carb count. Guinness is 9.9, if ya want to blow it, go with Guinness, it’s good for you. lol Beck’s light only has 3.3, so that’s a better bet.
    Oh yeah, I’m researching Carb Conscious Alcohol alternatives. Had to, I gave up on pasta.
    Tried that “alternative”…I’d rather eat tree bark.
    Poor Pastor Rossow, but as long as he likes spinach,…alot…he’ll be okay.

  17. @Dutch #26

    Yeah I was afraid of that; didn’t check. But somehow it tastes kinda ‘dry’ … at least not sticky sweet like some other A/B stuff. But for sour, bitter hoppiness try (or don’t) one of their ‘new’ brands – Beck’s. Yuck. Oh, I see you mentioned Beck’s — sorry! Coinkydinky as we say.

    If I take my medicine, I can have a beer once in a while … it is sad, and I hope I don’t get kicked out because of this problem.

  18. With Rev. Burreson in charge, you are going to see, hear and sense Lutheran ceremonial liturgy at its best and most colorful — all baby and no bathwater. Also I hear Rev. Vieker is going to be Kantor.

    I also hear there will be beer and brats after, along with the bluegrass.

  19. Got into St. Louis last night. No longer on any board, but I stayed in the same hotel where all the officers and board members have been gathered yesterday and today, since they offer a special LCMS rate.

    I have previously attended what was called the “President’s Strategy Summit” and there is a huge difference first of all in the atmoshpere. Lots of happy faces, enthused chatting, and laughter. I think President Harrison’s own congenial, upbeat attitude is spilling over to everyone.

    Visiting with some participants I know at the breakfast buffet this morning, a few other significant differences stuck out for me. As part of the conference they are having liturgical devotional services, yesterday including Matins, Midday, and Vespers. In the past there was perhaps a brief prayer to open these events, and then we got down to “business”. But, I always thought of Berthold von Schenk’s penetrating statement about making every church meeting also a church-LY meeting, which to me seemed lacking previously.

    Also, it is customary for the attendees to receive some kind of gift as a token of thanks for their service. I have several polo shirts and mugs with the LCMS logo. While I appreicate those, I think the gift given to each attendee this year speaks volumes: a copy of the new edition of Walther’s Law and Gospel. That right there probably sums up the transition in our Synod.

  20. Mbw,
    When you look at the few available & the “alternatives”…., Beck’s doesn’t look so bad, M. lol
    It’s amazing, how those who tip just o’bit, become a rabid “no pietist’s” so quick! Who knew?! Pediatric Onset Chronic Lymphocystic Thyroiditis
    (9 now am 41, I made it to 40 +!!!). Short form, Pedi. Hashimoto’s, my immune system thinks my Thyroid ( amongst other Endo systems) is a bug & now it thinks the meds for said, are a bug. Hence, the “non carb low carb what they say is lifestyle change” diet. They lie, that’s no diet, that’s pergatory for a German/Hungarian/Jew-by parentage, mind you.

    Trust me, Pastor Rossow, has his work cut out for him. I’m a dunkel bier girl, meat & potatoes gal & trying to find anything is becoming rather creative, shall we say.
    One thing I can say, is that, as a Confessional Lutheran, I know what peace, contentment, submission, obedience, & life as a Lutheran Kid in Christ, really are. It’s the ability to be to know lots of ugly swings above one’s head, you tend to be rather pin-point in your perspectives. Not least of which is the Sola’s & Doctrines. You gotta live & die by something, or you’ll fall for anything. I’m a walking talking, Red Sea parting miracle, have been for over 30 years. So, knowin’ that, what do all my posts look like now?! Never, ever loose one’s sense of humor, it provides volumes for others, & then, for you. lol Gotta laugh, everyone needs it, it’s innate, not taught quality. & so we do here at BJS. Do we ever!!!

    Hope your you meds & said issue, are not too bad or make you feel too poorly, or inhibit you from Within-Bounds enjoyment, shall we say. It doesn’t me, sounds bad, looks worse, feel worse than that, but is bounds better than some, trust me!!!! You aren’t worse, but no better, than the next, but you have what most don’t, Christ. And humor…least we forget humor…

  21. What are you going to see?

    Sight-seeing wise: take your wife to St Louis Botanical Garden for a couple of hours. Pick up some fresh fruit, flowers, and lunch at Soulard Market (opens at 6 AM on Saturday; get there early for the freshest produce). If you have time, visit Concordia Cemetery on the south side of the city, where Walther and other LCMS presidents and professors are laid to rest, until Jesus returns.

    Synod-wise: the installation service on the seminary campus will be the biggest gathering of synod-big-names in the triennium, besides the convention itself. Since it will be in Saint Louis, you will probably see all of the seminary faculty from Saint Louis, plus a fair selection from Fort Wayne. You will see all of the synodical officers, boards and commissions, and district presidents. You will see editors from CPH and local metro-Saint Louis LCMS pastors and teachers and laymen.

    If you are into getting author signatures, buy some books at the CPH bookstore on campus, then get the author’s signature before or after the service. Older graduates of Saint Louis seminary should check out the Concordia Woods housing units (north side of campus); even older ones will marvel at the chapel, built during the Barth administration.

    From beyond the River.

  22. John E,
    Avoid the Soulard German/Oktoberfest, at all costs. We know many who are hired to play, dance, or attend, please John, don’t go.
    If you value, what you believe, in it’s most basic forms, don’t do it. It won’t be hard for ya, ya won’t do what ya see, but you’ll see way to much for a lamb of Christ to perculate. We have friends, who play in a band, or dance there, & trust me (ya have no reason, but I pray ya do) don’t go.
    Let wisdom in Faith rule in this, let not “felt wants” rule. It’s fun for some, & horror for others. Sin is always fun for a season, but then payment is due!!!! Let it pass ya by, John. Let it pass you by.

  23. On the fun half of the question: go to Shaemus’s in Dogtown, they have the BEST hamburgers and a great atmosphere. Not sure if the Cardinals are in town this weekend or if they play in Atlanta, but a baseball game is always fun as well.
    As for the theology side of the question, I think we will see a renaisance for the seminaries; I think they will be more outspoken on issues and will be more motivated to crank out their writings then they were before, not that they didn’t before, just that they will do more now.

  24. @Dutch #32
    Yea Dutch I think Walther would turn over in his grave to see what’s going on. Even the communion chalice he used is still in use there. They had double lines so when I took communion I just avoided the ones with women serving.

  25. I talked to Pastor Herman Otten and asked if he was going to the event at the Sem. He mentioned he received an invitation and that he had called in as a response to the letter. They told him that it wasn’t meant for him and to forget it. How totally rude and childish. What happened to forgiveness and reconciliation that Harrison is supposed to be fostering?

  26. @John E #30

    Trinity is just doing what the current synodical ‘rules’ allow.

    In their defense (not defense of any false doctrine or practice, just in general) they have a food line for homeless people in the area, and do not make homeless people feel unwelcome.

    I know some homeless people very well, and they are not welcome in very many Lutheran churches.

  27. John E,

    The pastor registrations do not go to Harrison’s people but to the seminary so we should be careful about laying this at Harrison’s feet. Also, I am not sure those would be the exact words used to Otten, are you sure that is an exact quote?


  28. We had dinner at a Route 66 diner called Ariston’s. It has been operated by the same family since 1924. I had a good low carb meal – prime rib with steamed broccoli on the side. (I suppose I should cop to the strawberry cheesecake that we split.)

    On to St. Louis tomorrow.


  29. @Dutch #31

    Hi Dutch,

    I knew a great pastor who nearly died in his thirties, took very strong meds his whole life after that, and was sure his life was a special miracle. I never doubted him. He was a great warrior for the doctrine; he had enemies; never got another field worker after about 1996 or so. There’s another coinkydinky right on this page that relates to him …

    So, may the Lord continue to keep you going, for your family, and even for us!

  30. @Kebas #29

    Perhaps the most interesting and insightful contribution to this thread. You speak volumes, Mr. Kebas, or is it Rev. Kebas? Whichever it is, your post says that things are looking up. Of course, there’s a long way to go, but Pres. Harrison is sending the right signals.

    Let us see how things develop. I wish I had been a fly on the wall in the first COP meeting. Is there anything to report?


  31. Where to worship Sunday? Why not try historic St Paul’s New Melle. Arrived 1839. Founding member of synod. Walther, Wynekin, Fick, Buenger, Schieferdecker all preached here. Oldest building in synod. Oldest organ. 1870 Pfeffer. 40 minutes west of sem. TLH pg 5 this Sunday. You gotta see this. As found on Harrison’s recent Mercy blog. 636-357-3047. 10 a.m.

  32. Pastor Tim Rossow :
    John E,
    The pastor registrations do not go to Harrison’s people but to the seminary so we should be careful about laying this at Harrison’s feet. Also, I am not sure those would be the exact words used to Otten, are you sure that is an exact quote?

    Pastor Otten is a personal friend of mine. What are you implying?

  33. Mbw,
    I’m not such a much. I really am not & don’t have much of any importance to say here. 30 years is a grand run, I have not one complaint, trust me!!!!

    But what is happening today, has been a prayer of mine & so many others, for so very long. I am so rather small & count for nothing M. But the Denom of my birth, confirmation & marriage, my/our Lutheran Faith
    (LCMS or WELS or those that hold tight to what is tested & true), is vital to this realm, in which we dwell. Today, when Pastor Harrison, is installed, as President, there is where the opportunity for good, right & true begins. The only value, of having what swings above the heads of people like me, is you have intuition & priority, is crystal clear, that others, may not have. You see vital & mortal, those terms must be understood, by those like me. It makes what the LCMS has been, gone thru, & now must do, for HIS sake, an action, not a theory. I’m very blest, I have time, many others, more solidly & vitally involved, may not. Time is relative M, the Sola’s & Luther’s Doctrines, are not. They are tested, have been refined, and found not lacking. They are timeless, people, aren’t.

    Trust me M, if ya saw me, you’d never know I’m as sick as I am, but, that too is relative. Physical malady, is easier to spot & relate, than Spiritual Malady. I pray, today, is a new day for the LCMS. I pray President Harrison, knowing the years been, & coming & what will follow, will profit not the LMCS, but Christ’s Kingdom, but in & only by Christ’s Truths.

    Those numbers & outcomes, are known only to Him. We can’t ever count, what doesn’t belong to us. No worries, I’m good, always was, always will be, & the LCMS has a hope starting today, it hasn’t seen or had in quite some time. This is a time to rejoice, be glad, & pray in thankfull accord! For others, not for ourselves.
    That’s just good, right & true, as is always the cubit stick we live our lives by.
    Thanks bunches M,
    Your sister Dutch.

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