Proposed Resolutions: Committee 6, Human Care (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

We are looking at the 106 proposed resolutions from the eight floor committees, as found in “Today’s Business.” To see the previous articles in this series, go to Henrickson’s blog at

These are the resolutions proposed by Floor Committee 6, Human Care:


6-01: To Commend LCMS Disaster Relief Work, Particularly in Haiti

Yes. Matt Harrison’s crew at WRHC has done a good job.

6-02: To Be a Light for Life

Yes. This is a sanctity-of-life resolution.

6-03: To Amend Bylaws to Allow the Extension of Calls to Institutional Chaplains and Counselors

This would make ordained or commissioned ministers serving as institutional chaplains and pastoral counselors eligible for calls. This seems to be OK.

6-04: To Combat Malaria

This might be the only semi-controversial resolution in the bunch. On the one hand, efforts to combat malaria can be a beautiful expression of mercy, for instance, as our WRHC medical mercy teams work with our partner church in Kenya. On the other hand, some may raise questions about how, and to what extent, our participating in Luther Malaria Initiative (LMI) would involve us with LWR, the ELCA, and the UN.

6-05: To Encourage Continued Emphasis on Prison and Jail Ministry

Sounds fine.

6-06: To Continue the Work Initiated by the Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Task Force

Again, sounds fine.

6-07: To Support Efforts to End Human Trafficking/Slavery

All in favor of ending human trafficking, say aye. . . . All opposed, same sign. . . . Motion carries unanimously.

Next up: Floor Committee 7, Ecclesial Matters.


Proposed Resolutions: Committee 6, Human Care (by Pr. Charles Henrickson) — 11 Comments

  1. Don’t forget that the Combat Malaria program also includes Ted Turner.

  2. Ultra liberal NPR has been pushing for the the use of DDT to combat malaria for years. I’d have a hard time voting for 6-04 since these groups oppose the use of DDT and that makes to the left of NPR. You have work pretty hard to get to the left of NPR!

  3. Resolution 6-07 resolves to have the Synod:

    1. Write a letter to the UN supporting their efforts.
    2. Send pastors and congregations information about the problem of slavery.
    3. Encourage pastors and lay people to write letters to the UN supporting their efforts.

    In the meantime a State governor (who happens to be a Missouri Synod Lutheran) gets heat from the Obozo administration about her state’s new law in combatting illegal immigration, a main conduit for human trafficking, against which the current and past administrations in Washington have miserably (if not worse) failed.

    Are congregations paying for the delegates and synodical leadership to have a thrill run up their convention legs by passing schwärmerei resolutions like 6-07? I would hope not!

    Unless Resolution 6-07 is amended to substantively address the collaborative problem in this country of illegal immigration and support the real efforts of Gov. Brewer and the State of Arizona, I would recommend a vote against Resolution 6-07.

    BTW, did this Committee 6 also offer a resolution supporting motherhood and apple pie? Hey, if they include blueberry pie, I’d vote for it.

  4. 6-02 is yet another “Captain Obvious to the rescue” resolution.

    How about adding some backbone to it with a Resolved that the Synod recognize as a sin any membership in organizations whose platform supports abortion, and that members of the Synod or of synodical congregations who are members of such organizations or who publicly support the efforts of such organizations need to be dealt with by their ecclesiastical supervisor or by their pastor and congregation via Matt. 18.

  5. Carl #3,
    In your first point, you state Synod writes a document supporting the UN. UN efforts to irradicate Malaria, w/o any obligation to any/or the UN entity?
    I gotta say, I never thought it was a good idea to tie a Church, to a government or international sponsored entity. Because there is always a danger of becoming subject TO that entity. Also, once in the UN, good luck trying to pull out of it. Flak galor, waits for those who try. Bad press for a denomination, is never “good” press. The measure twice, cut once principle. Politically popular & culturally timely, but there must be other ways, to do this.

    Considering how rather “unfriendly” the UN is to Judeo-Christians internationally, our $$$ are fine, but nothing else, future consequences should be weighed very carefully. UN directives & requirements should be stated & listed, with the consequences for pulling out, for future reference.

    Is there no way to donate financial support thru Thrivent to this endevor, w/o becoming “partners” w/the UN? Considering the UN, those who also participate, and the directives all UN RSO’s must follow, this seems a rather slippery future slope.

  6. Pastor Rossow,
    That can’t count, that is a seasonal pie. Ya gotta pick one that you can make & eat anytime.
    Apple or cherry, ’cause pumpkin (ooo, not Atkins friendly, but way toooo good) is still seasonal.
    Apple or cherry. They both come in cans. I say Apple, ya can get that anywhere, anytime.
    My Grandma G. used something called Oleo. Her pie was the best, but don’t tell my Mum.

  7. I made a few phone calls regarding 6-04. Currently, the plan is for LMI to coordinate independent projects conducted by the different entities – our (LMCS) project is the purchase and distribution of insecticide treated sleeping nets. LMI works with the various countries to work within in their laws regarding other chemical treatments (e.g. DDT), but that is beyond the scope of the LCMS aspect of the program. My analogy is that this would be somewhat akin to working with the Red Cross during a natural disaster, with those displaced sleeping on cots in the gym of the local Baptist church, but relief workers eating their meals at/prepared by the local LCMS congregation. Two independent efforts coordinated by another, 3rd party.

    In discussing the consistency of advocating for LMI (not an RSO of the LCMS) while at the same time declining overtures congratulating or commending other organizations that are not RSOs (i.e. Issues, Etc.), one member of the floor committee that passed on the Issues, Etc. overtures said, “This overture (6-04) is commending LCMS World Relief and Human Care, a Synodical entity, in their work with LMI. LCMS WRHC is a synodical entity that can be commended.”

    For what it is worth in the discussion.

  8. The the World Health Organization (as reported in the Washington Post) and a Scientific American article have indicated the need and support for spraying of insecticides such as DDT as part of a combined program to combat malaria.

    The limited scope (i.e., lack of general oversight) and the vague mention of 3rd parties, raises the need to have more substantive information about the Lutheran Malaria Initiative so that 6-04 is more than just a feel-good resolution for a new fund-raising effort. One has only to read about the efforts in India to fight malaria over the last 60 years to see that the malaria problem is a long-term problem and cannot be solved quickly by a few well-meaning gestures.

    As for the floor committee member’s claim, “This overture (6-04) is commending LCMS World Relief and Human Care, a Synodical entity, in their work with LMI,” just where in Resolution 6-04 is the WRHC commended… or even mentioned?!? Zero! Zip! Zilch!

    Furthermore, there is sparse information and mention of the Lutheran Malaria Initiative on any WRHC-related site. It was mentioned on the It’s Time website under Rev. Matthew C. Harrison Vitae (Written by Administrator Sunday, 22 February 2009 19:16), where there is a section, “Ecumenical Activities” (under “Professional Accomplishments”), in which the first of five bullets on Rev. Harrison’s accomplishments in this area reads:

    “Lutheran Malaria Initiative, Steering Committee. Lutheran World Relief, Baltimore in partnership with the United Nations Foundation, has begun to prepare a national campaign for an effort targeting Malaria in Africa. July 2007 – present. One goal of this effort is to assist LCMS partner churches in increasing their capacity to reduce the detrimental effects of Malaria upon their own people, and on the people among whom they live.”

    However, that statement was removed in June from the It’s Time web page, Harrison Biographical Information (Written by Administrator Tuesday, 01 June 2010 14:59).

    Delegates need to ask hard questions about LMI? And delegates should demand to get hard answers instead of tapdancing?

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