But other than these mistakes, the story is correct (Mollie)

There was an interesting story in The Reporter the other day:

In other actions, the Board: authorized its general counsel to prepare a release for use of the LCMS-owned trademark for the radio program “Issues, Etc.,” the archived programs, and related materials to Rev. Todd Wilken and Jeff Schwarz. Wilken and Schwarz intend to continue the program, which was dropped by KFUO. According to Schultz, the Board expects the agreement will help bring the recent programming issues to a positive conclusion.

Um, what a bizarre collection of statements.

First off, the LCMS isn’t really in a position to release the trademark for “Issues, Etc.,” since they forgot to renew it back in 1999.

And Wilken and Schwarz don’t “intend to continue the program.” They continued the program — two months ago!

And what’s this “was dropped by KFUO” business? I’m sure that Dennis Stortz and Chuck Rathert will be pleased to know that David “I acted alone, really, why are you laughing?” Strand is blaming them for the cancellation.


But other than these mistakes, the story is correct (Mollie) — 12 Comments

  1. lol – it’s hilarious, really. How MUCH spin can YOU put on it? Let’s see if we can fool some of the people by pretending to fool ourselves about . . . oh, what was it really all about, Alfie?

    We live in sad times.

  2. The sad thing is, that if you speak in bureaucratese long enough, you end up not being able to speak anything else.

    And one of the other joys of being a bureaucrat & unaccountable is that you can never be accused of lying or being wrong because you can always say new information has come to light.

  3. But the great unwashed masses out in Synodland will eat it up. “Oh, how magnanimous of the Board to release the logo.” They’ve been fed half-truths and outright lies for so long.
    If I remember correctly, a guy by the name of Josef Goebbels said something about repeating a lie often enough…
    A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing. That’s the “life” of the Violet Vatican since 2001. This administration is a joke. A script written by Moliere. (Or maybe a Shakespeare tragedy?)

  4. Ah, don’t mean to be picky, but if you’re going to cast stones about other’s “facts” at least get your own straight first. The minutes you cite are from an April 21-22 meeting of the board.

    At the time of the disccusion in question, Todd and Jeff were planning on continuing the show and it would not debut yet for another two months.

    Although the story was recent, the minutes were ancient…. what else is new for the Reporter, I suppose. But really, Molly, are you that hard up for bad spin that you have to misrepresent these statements as “current?” I thought you were a better reporter than that.

  5. Steve,

    The minutes are from August 21 – 22.

    Not April.

    So I didn’t misrepresent these statements.

    Had I made a mistake, however, I would have gladly fixed it.

    Thanks — and I hope all is well with you.


  6. Well, shiver me timbers…. that’s what happens when you look through the wrong line of your bifocals… and mistake Aug for Apr…. Old age is not fun…
    A thousand pardons Mollie. Keep up the good work.

  7. Now that the date is cleared up, I hope the point will be noted all the more clearly. Mollie DOES do good work and the Board SHOULD be exposed and taken to task for spinning the facts — given the fact that Mollie was not (and is not) “hard up for bad spin.”

    There is no positive conclusion to be found in their misrepresenting the facts.

    You know, since the LCMS Communications department has won awards in the past from various organizations, I think it would be in order for someone not merely to complain to the Board, but rather to offer a detailed expose to the organizations which give those awards. If the media organizations are worth their salt, they really ought to censure David Strand and the Communications department for the things they have done in the last 6 months (or more).

    If someone would draw up a detailed and documented statement or petition to be sent to those organizations, I’d sign it.

  8. Besides all this I’d say what others undoubtedly think:

    President Kieschnick and his company should admit that his programs, ideas, and personnel preferences are based at least as much on the desire for outreach as they are to push the Missouri Synod in the direction of the ELCA. Why not be honest and just admit that? Oh, perhaps he doesn’t want to go down the road of endorsing homosexuality and such, but ordination of women, ecumania, and much else wouldn’t bother him and if it becomes the “official position of synod” he’d go along with it. But other than that the glory of statistics, extra credit, and such are a motivator – we won’t assume theology plays too big of a role.

    His actions certainly speak louder than words. He’s not interested in preserving historic notions of fellowship, office of the ministry, liturgy, or confessional subscription, not to mention the order of creation.

    The various directions of factions within the Missouri Synod simply aren’t going to be reconciled without the admission that theology matters, that incessant internal purification is about the irreplacable nature of theology and its implications in practice in parishes everywhere, and that mission, liturgy, the ministry, sacraments, and all articles of the faith are inextricably linked.

    The nature of ecclesiastical supervision in the Missouri Synod is such that it can no longer afford to be determined by weight of personalities in the praesidium, bureaucratic rulings, commissions but by the divine speaking that is known in Scripture of primary authority and the Lutheran Confessions of secondary but crucial importance. We cannot afford to straddle the fence of the church growth movement and historic confessional, liturgical Lutheranism. Those involved with ecclesiastical supervision need to make it clear where they stand apart from the existence of the Missouri Synod as passing entity.

    Our battle is not ultimately about the Missouri Synod but about the marks of the church, which are the ultimate and only real means of outreach, missions and evangelism. The foolishness of decision making on doctrine and practice, discipline and toleration, on the basis of money and statistics cannot stand. For that is to walk by sight, feeling, and our works, rather than by faith and the principle of solus Christus.

  9. The Board expects the agreement will help bring the recent programming issues to a positive conclusion.

    This agreement hardly seems necessary in order to bring about a positive conclusion for Issues, Etc.. Jeff and Todd have continued on set free from the yoke that is the bureaucracy of the LCMS. They are no longer subdued by leaders who would rather work behind a cloak of secrecy than be direct, honest and open with people.

    Therefore, I assume that the board means they are expecting a positive outcome for themselves. They hope to be able to just wash their hands of this mess and be done with it. They hope this gesture will make everything go away. I am fine with that. Issues Etc. is better off not being under the control Synod, just as all of us in the LCMS are better off not being under the control of Synod. Give me the Word of God and a Pastor and congregation under that Word and Jesus will take care of the synod of same saying believers part.

  10. Rt. Rev. Bauer, President Kieschnick is not trying to push the Missouri Synod in the direction of the ELCA. He is trying to push the synod in the direction of conservative evangelical purpose driven mainstream churches while claiming to be true to a Lutheran heritage. It’s true that Americanized Christians that call themselves evangelical have what passes for open communion and women pastors, and maybe this can be called the fruit of the same poisoned tree, but the current direction is very different than that of ELCA.
    Too often folks make what I see as a similar mistake when calling President Kieschnick a liberal. President Kieschnick is no more of a liberal than say Billy Graham, it’s just neither think that the Lutheran confessions are relevant in today’s church. I think you see now where I’m going with this; my basic point is that the roads may start at similar points, the directions are very different.

  11. While Mollie is capable of defending herself, I think a few things written in comment #4 need a response.

    The comment reads in part: “…if you’re going to cast stones about other’s ‘facts’ at least get your own straight first. The minutes you cite are from an April 21-22 meeting of the board.”

    Pointing out inaccurate information isn’t casting stones. Shouldn’t we expect the Reporter to report accurately?

    The comment further reads: “But really, Molly, are you that hard up for bad spin that you have to misrepresent these statements as ‘current?’ I thought you were a better reporter than that.”

    Laying aside the misspelling of her name, the accusation of misrepresentation and that final ad hominem jab, how is pointing out inaccurate information in the Reporter story “bad spin”?

    Reviewing everything Mollie has written about this debacle, she has never been “hard up” for anything, much less accurate information.

    No, Mollie has her facts straight.

    I ask, after almost six months, why can’t the folks LCMS Inc. get their facts straight?


  12. Facts? Facts? Don’t facts just confuse issues? Ha ha. Oh, no pun intended.

    I have a question. Does anyone know if Kieschnick really does have a leaning toward ELCA? Or is he just really loving Rick Warren and wants to be like all the other new kids? I am confused. This is a huge issue, as my pastor is good friends with the president and it scares me as I see more and more of the president’s influence in our congregation. And, no one wants to talk about this in the open.

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