About Scott Diekmann

Scott is a lifelong LCMS layman. Some of his vocations include husband, dad, jet driver, runner, and collector of more books than he can read. Oh, and also chocolate lover. He’s been involved in apologetics for over a decade, is on the Board of Regents at Concordia Portland, and is a column writer for the sometimes operational Around the Word Journal. He’s also written for Higher Things Magazine, The Lutheran Clarion, and has been a guest on Issues Etc. as well as the KFUO program Concord Matters.

Let Us Not Be Beastly

Dear Readers, With a modestly successful string of slubberish and solecistic posts, scrawling for BJS since its start in 2008, it’s time for me to stow my inkwell. I told my wife a while back that I was going to … Continue reading

Are There Democrats in Heaven?

Maybe you’re a little like me and are longing for the day when the current “presidential” election is over. How low can we go? Of course, the current political mayhem is not without entertainment value, as long as you can … Continue reading

LCMS Convention Levity

Concentrating when you and your assigned seat have become one can be problematic. One more “Press ‘one’ for ‘yes,’ press ‘two’ for ‘no’ ” and I’m gonna storm the dais. And I don’t need another guy going to the microphone … Continue reading

LCMS Resolution 12-07A: Is This Dissent?

It didn’t take long for the quips to fly regarding the just-passed LCMS Convention Resolution 12-07A, “To Clarify Definition of Dissent.” This circularly humorous question was posed on Facebook: Can I dissent on Facebook with Resolution 12-07A, adopted 684 to … Continue reading

The Dramatic Resuscitation of AC XIV

When I heard President Harrison state at the Emmaus Conference in 2011 that the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod was a confessional Lutheran church body I raised an eyebrow. I no longer, and you no longer, need raise that eyebrow. My hesitation … Continue reading

Are You Voting for Luther or Eck?

Philip Melanchthon, author of the Augsburg Confession, sat in Augsburg in early May of 1530 pondering the details of his defense of the Lutheran position to be presented before Emperor Charles V at the upcoming Diet. His contemplation was brought … Continue reading

Closed Communion Across the Centuries – A Quick Look at Resolution 5-15

Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod Convention proposed Resolution 5-15, titled “To Address Questions re the Sacrament of the Altar,” addresses open Communion, infant Communion, and intinction (a practice which my spell check has never heard of). It can be found in Today’s … Continue reading

Vote Collar – A Top 15 List

  The Top 15 Reasons Why I’m Voting for Matt Harrison for LCMS President 15. He’s evangelical and catholic. 14. He wears a clerical collar – because he has a high view the Office of the Holy Ministry without being … Continue reading

Pick Your President, LCMS Style, Part 3

Continuing from our last post, these questions are a compilation of the most frequently asked questions addressed to the LCMS Presidential candidates on the Synod’s Facebook page. The purpose of these posts is to build awareness of the candidates, stimulate … Continue reading

Pick Your President, LCMS Style, Part 2

Continuing from our last post, these questions are a compilation of the most frequently asked questions addressed to the LCMS Presidential candidates on the Synod’s Facebook page. The purpose of these posts is to build awareness of the candidates, stimulate … Continue reading

Pick Your President, LCMS Style, Part 1

Editor’s Note:  The LCMS Presidential Election is set for June 11-14, 2016 through an online voting system.  If you were a delegate to your district convention you should have already received a notice from LCMS Secretary Hartwig about that.  If … Continue reading

Sleepless in Milwaukee

At 509 pages, the 2016 LCMS Regular Convention Workbook is rather hefty. If you’re a delegate and you don’t start studying this thing soon, you’re gonna be sleepless in Milwaukee. One area that’s sure to stimulate discussion on the floor … Continue reading

This is the Missouri Synod?

The following article was written by Rev. Dr. Kristian Kincaid, and was published in the April 2016 Lutheran Clarion, a publication of The Lutheran Concerns Association. Reprinted with permission. This is the Missouri Synod? “We should know what to expect in … Continue reading

Worth Fighting About!

At one time in the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, Scripture’s teaching on Holy Communion was taken seriously, and Closed Communion was the order of the day. In the 16th century, Lutherans took their theology a bit more seriously than we do … Continue reading

Just the Gospel Please

Dear LCMS Pastors, I think I’m writing for the majority of laymen in the LCMS when I say thank you for bringing us the Gospel each week, and nothing more. We need to hear that we’re sinners, and that for … Continue reading


Here’s the short version: I received an email from a person I didn’t know, Alice Stone, asking whom she could contact to report “some broken links” for the website soundwitness.org, a mostly static apologetics site with which I’m associated. She … Continue reading

Myth Busted!

One of my favorite shows, MythBusters, recently aired its last episode. Alas, no more urban legends busted and odd ideas ruled plausible or confirmed through the inane scientific efforts of Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman. No more cement being “removed” … Continue reading

Encouragement for the Discouraged

Rust never sleeps – neither does Satan. Some of you are discouraged by what’s happening in your congregation, either by word or deed. Perhaps sacramental entrepreneurs have overrun the bulwarks, or the twin cries of “transformation” and “vision” are being … Continue reading

Exorcise Your DRP Demons at the LCA Conference

Over the last year, the twists and turns of Rev. Dr. Matthew Becker’s exoneration on false teaching charges followed by his eventual removal from the LCMS roster have highlighted some of the theological and polity issues that confront the LCMS. … Continue reading

Help Fill the Bag

When missionaries are selected by the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, the Synod doesn’t hand them a bag full of cash and send them out the door. They train them, and then expect them to solicit funds for their mission. Where do … Continue reading

Taking the “Lay” Out of Ministry

We’ve all read church growth material which encourages you to share your faith while serving your neighbor through your various vocations. It’s a great blessing that God allows us to participate in His mission through the power of the Holy … Continue reading

I Need a Drink!

I’m not a big fan of finding hidden Christian themes in every film or novel that makes its way into the public consciousness, but this time even I couldn’t miss the obvious. In the July 2015 issue of CityArts, a … Continue reading

A District President Responds: Doctrinal Supervision Revisited

On May 11 BJS reprinted an article published in The Lutheran Clarion titled “Doctrinal Supervision and the Becker Case” by Rev. Dr. Martin Noland. Subsequently, an article of response was published in the July Clarion written by Montana District President … Continue reading

The Good Work of Faith

Quoting Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller: Here’s the thing that is amazing when a Lutheran starts to talk about good works, and the reason why it sounds so different than anybody else is because normally when we think of good works we … Continue reading

Tell the World Why

The mall storefront in this photo testifies to the degradation of our society. Homosexuality is not OK. From a natural law perspective, no daughter will be conceived in a homosexual marriage, no son suckled from his father’s breast. From a … Continue reading