The Battle Belongs to the Lord, not to the Statistics

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We rightly call ourselves the Church Militant. As long as we live in this world we fight against the devil, world, and sinful nature. So what, right now, does the Church need in order to succeed against these enemies? There’s … Continue reading


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The word “catechesis” means to “echo back.” It refers to a process of instruction in which the catechist asks questions and the catechumens recite set answers, echoing back the instruction they’ve received. When the catechumen is catechized in a catechism … Continue reading

Back to Judges…

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When we left the Israelites, they were languishing under the hand of Midian. Israel suffered oppression from the enemy because they had forsaken the Lord and gone after other gods. Therefore the Lord had summoned the Midianites, who encamped against … Continue reading

Grain, Wine, Oil, and Reproaches

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Grain, wine, and oil were the food staples of Israel, along with the animals. When the people stopped listening to the Word of the Lord, these – the grain, wine, oil, and livestock – became scarce. This was in fulfillment … Continue reading