Resolutions for LCMS 2010 Convention in Houston, TX

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Resolutions for LCMS 2010 Convention in Houston, TX — 1 Comment

  1. Omnibus Resolution A (TB, p. 47) includes a number of overtures along with the Resolved, That the following overtures be referred to the designated board, commission, or individual. One of the overtures is

    Ov. 3-25 Request Study on Certain Theses from Walther’s Church and Ministry – CTCR

    These “Certain Theses” include:

    Thesis IV Concerning the Church – It is this true church of believers and saints to which Christ gave the keys of the kingdom of heaven. And it is therefore the proper and only possessor and bearer of the spiritual, divine, and heavenly goods, rights, powers, offices, etc., which Christ has procured and which are found in His church.

    Thesis IV Concerning the Holy Ministry – The ministry of preaching is not a peculiar order, set up over and against the common estate of Christians, and holier than the latter, like the priesthood of the Levites, but it is an offlce of service.

    Thesis VI Concerning the Holy Ministry – The ministry of preaching is conferred by God through the congregation, as holder of all church power or of the keys, and by its call as prescribed by God. The ordination of those called, with the laying on of hands, is not by divine institution but is an apostolic church ordinance and merely a public, solemn confirmation of the call.

    Thesis VII Concerning the Holy Ministry – The holy ministry is the authority conferred by God through the congregation, as holder of the priesthood and of all church power, to administer in public offce the common rights of the spiritual priesthood in behalf of all.

    Although more delicately and diplomatically phrased by the South Dakota District in the Whereas‘s of their Overture, Loeheists and other hyper-Euros within the Missouri Synod continue to denigrate and reject such confessional Lutheran doctrine, including of course the hated confessional Lutheran doctrine of Ãœbertragunglehre.

    This Overture is worthy of being passed within Resolution A in order to provide faithful Missouri Synod Lutheran pastors and congregations with additional educational materials upholding these and the other Theses on Church and Ministry in Kirche und Amt.

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