Critical Synodical News — World Relief Donations Misused

It is common knowledge that the synod is having financial problems. It is troubling to hear that under President Kieschnick’s leadership the synod is borrowing funds donated for Human Care in order to keep the operating budget solvent. There is also some odd things being done with interest from the Human Care funds. Click here for more.

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Critical Synodical News — World Relief Donations Misused — 2 Comments

  1. This discussion is needlessly negative and personal.It is common in budgets to have a setaside for emergencies so distributions can be done quickly. A subsequent fund raiser is done to recharge the fund.
    The real issue is does Missions mean Foreign Missions or Congregational Outreach and current expense therein ?. The latter mischaracterizes Missions and leads to abridgemnet of the funds needed to fulfil the Command to Go Ye Therefor and Teach All Nations.
    If straight forward accounting is not present ,then our missions gifts need to be directly designated to specific
    Missions and seek an acknowledgement of receipt.

  2. Richard, I think you may have missed the point. The Synod is borrowing funds that have been given directly to Human Care for their program use. As I understand it all Boards, etc., deposit their directly received (restricted) funds in the same checking account that Synod Inc. does. Then, when Human Care needs their funds for their own purposes it is not always available at the exact time they need it. I don’t think they are picking on Human Care, they do this to everybody.

    An analogy would be money directly given to a church choir and they deposit it with the rest of the church funds and get a credit in that amount to their own restricted fund account. Techically, nobody in the church can spend that money without Voters’ Assembly approval. I know it always doesn’t work that way in some churches, but it should. Then when the Choir Director wants to order new music for Easter, as an example, it is not available.

    If Synod needs a continguency fund, they need to establish one, not rob from other peoples dedicated (restricted) funds. They are only intitled to take back what they gave Human Care as a contribution from their own unrestricted funds. Anything other than that is not defensible.

    Also note that since all the funds are in the same account any accrued interest (which is not much these days) goes to Synod Inc, not pro-rated back to the other organizations who have made up the total amount.

    That is my understanding of how it is working and I would certainly be open to anyone providing better info.

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