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Critical Synodical News — 8 Comments

  1. What I wish is for you to stop disrupting our beloved synod. Do we not have faith in the Holy Spirit. We pray before every election of our convention and the minute someone is elected, we think we know more than God’s guiding Spirit and we do all we can to get hid of the very people God guided us to elect, or at least that’s what we prayed for. Maybe I don’t agree with all of the elected people and the way they do things, but God has brought them to this position at this time and we need to support them as God’s elected officials rather than continually disrupt. I stand respectfully submitting this for your consideration. Dennis Glick

  2. Dennis,

    Thank you for taking time to check out these important matters.

    We share your desire for unity within the synod. It is our contention that many of the policies and decisions of our current leaders are bringing more disruption to unity than supporting and creating it.

    For instance, the Blue Ribbon proposals divide the synod by pitting large congregations against small and the constant push to newer, contemporary worship is disrupting a unity we once had in the synod.

    Allowing a gay activist to serve publicly and openly in an LCMS church is not promoting of unity but disruptive.

    Unity is important and desirable but it needs to be based on the truth of God’s word. That is all we are trying to do here.

    Again, thanks for your input.


  3. Dennis,

    1) I pray that these same elected officials would stop disrupting our beloved synod, and repent of their many errors and sins. The above history of action/inaction is direct evidence of their disregard for God’s Word.

    2) Speaking the truth of God’s Word in love is not disruptive, as Jesus Himself rebuked the pharisees [jewish religious leaders] on many occasions when they erred [ex. judging that it was unlawful to heal on the Sabbath].
    Christ’s church is founded upon Himself. He did not leave a Church bereft of church discipline–even if that means the elected leaders require the discipline.

    3) It is every Christian’s duty to redirect those that err to the truth of God’s Word, as God Himself declares in Ephesians 4:12-15, “for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: till we all come in the unity of faith….speaking the truth in love”.

    In conclusion, by speaking the truth of God’s Word and pointing out the errors of the LCMS officials, this BJS site is fulfilling its Christian duty, and also promoting unity in Christ. This is most loving and God-pleasing.

  4. I made a quick scan of the Ayers support petition and found three names of Concordia faculty: Peter Renn, Yurimi Grigsby, and Dara Soljaga. Do you have any more names? Are these three full-time or adjunct faculty? I suspect they are adjunct and Concordia hires many in order to cut costs and to staff their off-campus program of “educating” elementary “educators.” I do not think this is an issue of concern until you can identify them as full-time faculty. Adjuncts, which include Obama at the University of Chicago Law School, often pretend they are tenured faculty and use the school’s name.

  5. Mr. Nielsen, I suggest you read our original article on it.

    It’s been stated that we have identified 7 people who signed it; here are 6 listed in the original article and the first comment; the 7th is from searching the list for “concordia”. I don’t have a way to find out what position each of these serve at the institution; do you have a way of doing that?

    309 Pamela J. Konkol Concordia University
    588 Isabel Nunez Concordia University Chicago
    1285 Lisa Ginet Triton Community College & Concordia University
    1474 Dara Soljaga Concordia University
    1499 Yurimi Grigsby Concordia University Chicago
    1589 Peter Renn Concordia University
    3909 Erika Buhring Assist. Professor Concordia University Chicago

  6. Brother Luther,
    What I wish is for you to stop disrupting our Holy Roman Church. Do we not have faith? We pray before the election of every Pope, and the minute one is elected we think we know more than God’s guiding Spirit. I may not agree with the pontificate, or some of his appointed inquisitors, but God has brought them to this position at this time and we need to support them as God’s elected officials rather than continually disrupt. I detest dissension because it goes both against the teachings of Christ and against a secret inclination of nature.
    D. Erasmus

  7. Are there any updates on these situations? Our President has the ethics of a knat and poorly represents us with his apparent retaliation against Issues, etc. In addition his retaliation is clumsy and child like indicationing a lack of creative intelligence.
    The advocacy of the homosexual director at an LCMS church is unacceptable and should never have taken place in the first place. Who on the board or the Pastoral staff there allowed this to happen? Who is minding this doctrinal abuse and when will we be told what is being done? It may be time for our Synod to rethink its view of church to include Synod as well so that oversight of these issues can be dealt with more directly and swiftly. Unity for the sake of unity is abdication of responsibility to maintain fidelity to God’s Word. As Martin Luther King once said, “there is a special place in hell reserved for those who stand by and do nothing.”

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