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The first edition of the Confessions self-test is below! Try it out and test your knowledge of the Lutheran Confessions! This first test was prepared by Pastor David Balla.

Below are a few questions. This first test is written on a basic level. Don’t worry you experts, your turn is coming.

The Apostles’ Creed was written  by the Original Apostles
True False

How many book are in the Book of Concord?
3 7 10 12

Treatise of the Power and Primacy of the Pope was compiled at Smalcald.
True False

The Book of Concord (German) official publication date was June 25, 1580, 50 years to the day after the presentation of the Augsburg Confession
True False

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Take the Confessions Test — 9 Comments

  1. The Three Echumenical Creeds are not “books”. There are only seven distinct books in the Concord.

  2. I concur with anonymous. There are 7 distinct books or 10 distinct parts (you can say “10 distinct texts” if you are a fancy Lutheran). …well maybe to modern readers each Creed seems long enough to be considered a “book”.

    The childish jerk in me wants to argue that there is only one “book” in the Book of Concord. That is why it is not called the “Books of Concord”.

    This post highlights why teachers hated my guts in school and why I did not do as well as I could have.

  3. Yeah, I missed that one too. I didn’t count the Creeds as books. Otherwise I would have gotten 100%.

  4. We are working on it; sorry it’s taking so long to get this underway, but we’ve been involved in many other things. Any pastors out there who would be willing to write up questions/answers each month?

  5. I’ve got one in the hopper. Our Associate Pastor at Bethany, Naperville has written a new quiz. It just needs some editing and will be ready to go. We have asked him to make it more theological. I have yet to look at but should have it up by early next week.

    Pastor Rossow

  6. This is great. Over on Lutheran Liturgy, a Yahoo group, I took the Lutheran test offered there. It had questions about which hymnal the WELS or ELS or other synods use in Divine Service. I missed most of those because I don’t attend those churches. My over all score was 90%, my “wise” daughter asked what the other 10% was—-Baptist????? LOL – I told her I am getting older and the “dye” must be fading.

    “Dyed in the Wool” Lutheran.

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