Law & Gospel Does Not Make Reformed & Evangelical Churches Orthodox

Confessional Lutherans were tantalized by the idea of other denominations adopting Law/Gospel language in the expectation that it might lay a bridge across the Missouri. There were high hopes for former Presbyterian pastor Tullian Tchividjian to be the celebrity convert whose high … Continue reading

Praying Intentionally

We have both the command from God to pray, and the promise that He will hear us. Sometimes it is easy to pray. Words come easily and we know what to say. Sometimes, prayer is more difficult. We struggle with … Continue reading

The Pitfalls of the Pew Religious Landscape Study Results for the LCMS

The Pew Research Center for Religion and Public Life recently released its Religious Landscape Study. It is a formidable project that attempts to provide a high level snapshot of America’s religious status, and to record changes over time. The survey … Continue reading

Compassion Shaming and Refugee Proof-Texting

We are witnessing a metastasizing global migrant and refugee crisis. It is  unprecedented in its volume, the distances involved, the risks undertaken, the direction of movement, the porousness of the borders, and the degree of moral confusion about how to … Continue reading

Lazy Pastors… You sure about that?

I’m not going to think this through. I’m just going to start typing… I received a little nudge a few minutes ago from the head honcho here at Brothers of John the Steadfast. The prod was a kindly encouragement to … Continue reading

LadyLike: A Book Every Man Should Read

LadyLike: Living Biblically is an outstanding collection of forty-four short essays which provide an unapologetically biblical perspective on matters significant to life in family, church, and society today. Sisters Rebekah Curtis and Rose Adle write in a style that is engaging, … Continue reading

The Funeral of Rev. Dr. Ronald R. Feuerhahn

Today I attended the funeral of a beloved seminary professor and friend, the Rev. Dr. Ron Feuerhahn, a man I greatly admired and respected. He was a man of great pastoral character, kindness, churchmanship, and faithfulness. Dr. Feuerhahn was debilitated … Continue reading

Eighth Commandment Cluster Bombing

Love is the best construction for same-sex marriage. Faith is the best construction for the existence of the ELCA. Hope is the best construction for holding to reincarnation. Charity is the best construction for Somali pirate ransoms. Joy is the … Continue reading

Guest Article — The Supreme Court Non-Decision

By now just about everyone has heard that the Supreme Court of the United State has declined to hear the appeals of multiples cases where lower courts had ruled against states holding to the traditional understanding of marriage as the … Continue reading

Hey, Pastors! Get in the Game! (Right to Life)

I was asked by Right To Life of Livingston County Michigan to write a “brief” article, and these were the simple parameters given in the email: “We would like your article to address how to reach other pastors to attend … Continue reading