Proposed Catechism Revision Explanation

The Missouri Synod resolved in 2013 to revise the synodical explanation of the Small Catechism. Over the last few years a committee has worked on this project and produced a proposed revision.

The deadline is approaching (October 31) to submit feedback and commentary on this proposed revision. And, as the “field-test” edition of the new version of the Explanation of the Small Catechism has been sent out to all Missouri Synod pastors and congregations, this is an opportunity to look at the work of the committee and send feedback on this important project of the Synod.

Here is where you can download a copy of the new proposed version and offer feedback.

Two specific recommendations as you review the proposed new version:

  1. Read the coordinate section of the Large Catechism before and after going through each section of the explanation.
  2. Compare the proposed new version to the older versions. I would not only look at the most recent/current version, but also the 1943 and 1912 versions of the synodical explanation. The current version and 1943 versions are reasonably easy to get your hands on, but it is less likely for folks to have a physical copy of the 1912 version. Fortunately, you can find the 1912 German-English edition online here.


Here at BJS, we have invited some pastors around the Synod to review and comment on the different sections of the proposed revision. We hope that this series will encourage the whole Synod to not only give appropriate attention to the proposed revision of a core resource for the teaching of the faith in our Synod, but also provide an opportunity for us to think about the Catechism more deeply.

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