Notes on the Liturgy

This is a series of articles of Notes on the Liturgy that were originally written as a set of bulletin inserts by Pastor David Oberdieck. We want to thank Pastor Mathey and Pastor Michael Mohr for helping us to update and publish them on BJS. They have been updated to refer to the LSB rather than LW, and have had various expansions done for publication here.

Read each article below:

Notes on the Liturgy —
Introit, Psalm or Hymn
Kyrie and Gloria
Alleluia Verse and other responses
The Hymn and Hymns
The Sermon
The Creeds
The Prayers
The Offering
Preface and Proper Preface
Pre-Communion Prayer & Lord’s Prayer
Communion & the Peace
Agnus Dei
Post Communion Canticle & Collect


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