It’s Time, LCMS Unity and Mission, a paper by Matt Harrison

**NEW** A study guide for It’s Time has been provided by Pastor Harrison. See below for links to it.


The Brothers of John the Steadfast found the paper written by Pastor Matt Harrison on the scribd site, and think it fits into our goals of getting us back to the confessions. We wanted to help distribute this paper as widely as possible.

We found the document on that site difficult to read, and you have to register on it to download it, so we decided to make it available as a PDF. We have since found a DOC copy that doesn’t include all the graphics, and therefore is easier on the printer. We have converted that to a PDF file and made it available below.

Click here to access it on the scribd site

Click here for study guide for It’s Time on the scribd site.


Click here to download the PDF and read it on your computer.

Click here to download the It’s Time Study Guide and read it on your computer.

Click here to download the version without all the graphics.

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The PDF document is also found on the following site:



A short link has been provided for this page to help in distributing this infromation — — pass this on to all your friends and associates!