Diving into Concord is Live!

In my family, Christmas is for gifts, and Epiphany is for books. That means Diving into Concord and Coming Out Lutheran is available just in time for your Epiphany book giving.

We believe Pr. Carlson has written an instant classic. Useful for reading groups, bible studies, society meetings, or even Advanced Catechesis, his little volume on the Lutheran Confessions will be the talk of the synod in the coming months.

Do you have a church library? Buy one for that as well. (If you don’t have a church library, you can start one!) Friends, neighbors, anyone who wants to know why Lutherans cling so tenaciously to the Lutheran Confessions will benefit from this new release from Steadfast Press.

And stay tuned. The launch party will continue in the next couple of weeks. This is only the beginning. So click over to Amazon, and celebrate with us.

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