Concordia, Wisconsin Updates – the world is beginning to notice

Well more information keeps coming out and it keeps looking worse for Interim President Cario and whoever else at CUW is calling the shots. Even secular agencies are now paying attention and noting the unfair and unjustified treatment that Rev. Dr. Gregory Schulz has received.

Here is an assortment of things for you to read/listen to:

+ Academic Freedom Alliance sends letter to CUW noting how even Concordia’s own academic freedom policy has been violated

+ article on the CUW situation.

+ Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL) has a page devoted to the legal case being built against CUW.

+ Gottesdienst Guys did an interview with Rev. Dr. Schulz

+ Concordia Wisconsin’s Employee Handbook

+ Concordia Wisconsin’s Employee Handbook Acknowledgement

+ The two page February 18 Memo from Interim President Cario to Rev. Dr. Schulz making demands of him and stating accusations without evidence.

2 thoughts on “Concordia, Wisconsin Updates – the world is beginning to notice

  1. Wow! Heavy-handedness with no due process… Lord have mercy.

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