Update: the site is up and running as a throwback version. It will take a little time to sort it out.

Good evening. is currently down for maintenance but it will be back up soon. We apologize for the inconvenience!

In addition, we are aware the site’s content is currently up on some parallel sites. These other sites are not affiliated with us or with the legacy of Rev. Paul T. McCain, the originator of is hosted and administered by Steadfast Lutherans on behalf of and with the permission of the estate of Rev. Paul T. McCain. continues to be the original online free Book of Concord, as originally compiled by Rev. Paul T. McCain.

Thank you for your patience at this time.

5 thoughts on “ News…

  1. I do sure appreciate eny and all Materialsit will a Big help and thank you for all that you are doing may the lord Jesus Christ bless be with you

  2. Please make the earlier version available

    I was using it every day and don’t really like this new version. Just doesn’t feel right.

  3. Andrew J – the recent redesign will not be available. We are working on a new site however and it should be up as soon as we can get it done right. We are currently using this older version because our hope for a smooth transition did not happen.

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