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Curled up in my inbox a while back was an email from the District requesting that I complete the online Congregation Life Cycle…

Sermon — Pr. Tony Sikora — Broken, Common, and Small

There’s nothing special about Ezekiel’s branch.  It’s just a twig.  And there’s certainly nothing extraordinary about a farmer sowing his seed.  Farmers have done that for thousands of years.  Nor is there anything especially attractive about a mustard seed.  Mustard seeds are small, very small.  Yet each of these are used by the Lord in our text to teach something quite extraordinary –  for each of these reveal the Kingdom of God.  You see the Kingdom of God isn’t about the mighty, the extraordinary or the attractive.

unLutheran Worship

If you were to visit 5 different LCMS congregations, there’s a good chance you’d witness 5 very different approaches to worship. Hopefully you would…

Sermon — Pr. Tony Sikora — Strong through Weakness

Our text this morning says that Jesus came to a house, not necessarily his house, but He came to house.  This house is like any other house.  This house is like our house.  And just like our house there’s more to this house than just the walls and the roof, the windows and the door.  There’s people in this house.  There’s people in your house, people you love very much, people Jesus loves very much, that’s why he comes to a House in the first place. 

Is Missouri Lukewarm?

Has fidelity to the institution become more important than doctrine in the Missouri Synod? There are deep doctrinal divisions in the Missouri Synod…