Issues, Etc. is ABLAZE! (Mollie)

One of my favorite pasttimes is reading the odd Ablaze! stories. Usually they’re about having a completely uncomfortable-sounding conversation about something vaguely religious. And up they go on the counter. I just saw this one from December, though:

Radio Ministries Lead Seekers to Illinois Church
Michael Walther, of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Collinsville, Ill., shares how 10 adults were led to his church and eventually confirmed after hearing the Gospel on radio programs.

In November 2008, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Collinsville, Ill., was blessed to celebrate the confirmations of 10 adults. Two members of the group found our church after listening to Issues Etc.on a local radio station. They had both become very disillusioned with the direction their churches were taking. They were impressed that our teaching was so rooted in the Bible and focused on salvation in Jesus. Currently, another couple is worshiping and studying the Large Catechism after hearing Hank Hanegraaff recommend The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod on his radio program, “The Bible Answer Man.”

We all probably have more than a few friends who came to the LCMS via Issues, Etc. but it was funny to see such a route on the Ablaze! counter. Too bad that the money-suck that is Ablaze! is so financially unstable that it couldn’t even support a Christ-centered show such as Issues, Etc.

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