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The discussions in the comments on this website can get into some very particular points. Frequently these discussions need to happen for the sake of the Gospel, so we at BJS allow it to happen here.  Sometimes we have to moderate discussions.  Sometimes we have to place individuals on “moderated status” meaning that their comment requires a moderator’s approval prior to becoming public.  In general, we try to let theological discussion happen here. Please note that some of the commenters are very zealous over their beliefs and that is sometimes reflected in heated language. As Lutherans, we have a long history of heated language due to the seriousness of the Faith and great damage that error can do both to the Faith and also the faith of Christians. Those making comments are reminded to temper their words and deal with the substance of the debate, not the personalities involved.

Commenters on this website are reminded to not bring arguments or discussions from other websites to this site. If what you are about to comment on has no relevance to the article or other comments, please do not post it on this website.

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